On the Outside - Thoughts on July and the summer heating up
Column by: William B. West on 06/30/2003

The local world of wrestling keeps getting better and better, as RCW has 2 events scheduled for the month of July one in West Union on the 3rd and another in Portsmouth on the 18th.

The West Union show promises to be 2 things a cool building and a hot crowd, West Union has been typically a hotbed for our product and this time should be no different as the RCW World Heavyweight Title will be on the line. And as if one title isn't enough we pull into Portsmouth on the 18th and crown tag team champions as well. July will truly be the month of champions in RCW.

The email box and phones at RCW have been buzzing with people wanting to be a part of Southern Ohio's biggest and greatest promotion. From across town to across the country. Word of our huge summer plans has leaked as far as Tennessee with at least 2 NWA TNA stars calling about possible spots on the roster. RCW is making a name for it's self on the Indy scene, and everyone it seems wants to be a part of it.

One thing I keep hearing about in the emails I receive from fans is how glad they are to see Wrestling with good solid storylines and entertainment, for RCW. I think it's safe to say RCW prides it's self on providing a solid quality show from top to bottom. From the opening match to the main event every character is involved so that the fan doesn't plunk down his money for a "throw away" match.

As always I keep my ear close to the wall and from what I hear good things are about to get better. RCW is in contact with several organizations about working relationships on talent exchanges and more, this can only benefit the fans. It brings in fresh faces and helps pound that dreaded ring rust off the local stars.

Speaking of local stars, one who certainly has no ring rust is Trik Nasty, if they made a 8 day week I'm sure he'd be wrestling all 8. He has really impressed those inside and outside of RCW, my only question is will he be satisfied with the Extreme Title, or will he put the World Title in his sites too?

Beautiful Bobby L. If someone ever decides to write a book on heel heat 101, they need to get this guy for a reference. I heard they had to get the Police to escort him to his car after the last West Union show, look for bigger and better things for Bobby.

Damn fine Jason Taylor really looked like he got back into his groove at Injection, Vile took him to the next level and Jason exceeded in one of the stand out matches of the night, it will be interesting to see if Taylor can keep the intensity.

Dirk Extreme co-commish? It's about time someone came in to keep The Mastermind and Randy Allen in their place, speaking of Randy Allen. Damn. What a clinic he put on at Injection. Wrestles Shawn Parks in one hell of a match turns around and 5 minutes later is in the Battle Royal main event and almost runs the gauntlet to win the Extreme Title. This guy has main eventer written all over him.

The summer tour is heating up, with 3 shows announced and more to come. I couldn't believe the plans I heard, and if I told you you'd think I was a liar. So just keep your eyes peeled to the website. I can tell you things are about to get freaky!

Well I got to go the wife is yelling, till next time, later!