On the Outside - Post Injection, Quick Review
Column by: William B. West on 05/25/2003

Well another RCW show is in the books and from most fan assessments it was very successful. The crowd was loud and the place was rocking. There is a small clique of workers who are getting ready to work for a rival promotion who have lit up the message board with criticism but we know their reasons. Thankfully RCW books for the fans and not the smart marks. Everyone left happy and excited for more.

That being said what a show. From top to bottom a great show with twists and surprises.

Bobby Lockhart worked hard to hold his spot as a top heel in this area. He really got the crowd going from the get go. Dude Rock was a little flat for The Dude, but Bobby really picked up the slack. This match really got the night going.

Mastermind vs. Syren, this one had all the makings of an entertaining matchup. The crowd really ate this up, and everyone was pleased to see MM get his.

Damn Fine Jason Taylor vs. Vile. This Russian Chain match was awesome. The fans really went crazy for this match. This is what makes RCW the top fed in the area, a little bit of every thing for everybody.

Extreme Championship match. The West Union area loves the battle royals this match gave them that and more. After an exciting Battle Royal it came down to Randy Allen, Al B Damn and Trik Nasty, if you missed this you missed one hell of a show. Tables Ladders and Chairs. Trik and Al B went back and forth in what could be considered the top match yet in RCW.

Keep watching RCW Online for our next event, as a triumphant return to Scioto County should be coming as well as a major Adams County show is in the works. Sorry this report was so short I hope to have a more in depth one later this week.