On the Outside - Injection Pre Show Thoughts
Column by: William B. West on 05/02/2003

Well it looks like we are just a few weeks away from the latest event RCW:Injection. This looks to be a very interesting event for several reasons.

The Extreme Championship Match is the first of it's kind in this area. A royal rumble style event into a fatal four way, then to a 3 way dance with submission rules,but the best part from there it goes straight to TLC! What everybody loves the table ladder and chairs! This match should have something for everyone and I am personally excited to see this. Trik Nasty has been announced for this and he has plenty of experience in this type of match. Vile because of his sheer size will also be favored in the rumble, who will be able to put this monster over the top rope? Then there is Dude Rock, he's never been in West Union without going through a table, could his karma hold out and make it to the TLC match? That would RAWK! A big advantage though will go to those who aren't already scheduled in a match that night, I've heard rumor some stars have specifically lobbied to work only the Extreme match with their eyes on the Gold.

Dregen. What does he have in mind for the night? He is a hard man to pin down, I've tried to talk to him personally but he isn't talking. Through the rumor mill I've heard that he has said West Union doesn't deserve his title defense. So the question remains will he defend his title, the Commish is on his side will he force him to?

"Beautiful" Bobby L. impressed many at Hail to the King both in the crowd and in the back with his performance. His star seems to be rising in RCW, will he capitalize at Injection? He is keeping his plans close to his vest err boa. Definitely worth keeping an eye on.

The Outlawz were shoulder to shoulder with Jerry Lawler in the main at the last event. Something tells me they will be looking to show everyone they should main event every night, and the Mastermind's Security Force are the test. This match should be very interesting, you have the experience of the Outlawz vs the Security Force with the Manager from Hell.

Knowing RCW there will be many surprises and as always the lovely ladies of RCW will be in the house. Ivana, Angel, and Syren are already scheduled. Will Ivana or Angel step between the ropes and take on the fan favorite or does Syren have someone else in mind?

I could go on and on with my speculation but I'll cut this short and return in a few weeks with my review of RCW: Injection. Catcha later.

-William B. West