On the Outside - Hiatus And Whatnot
Column by: William B. West on 03/21/2003

To the naked eye (heh, I said naked) it appears that RCW has closed down or gone into hiatus. But in truth nothing could be closer. I suppose you could say RCW is reloading.

While "Hail to the King" was a success no matter how you gauge it, the staff of RCW has it's sights set even higher. Several inadequacies in the operation were exposed and the staff is working hard to correct these.

Also work is under way for the much anticipated RCW Wrestling School. Nothing drives a company harder than young hungry talent. Once the final details are in place and the school is up and running. The fuel to RCW's fire should be on high octane.

Several different venues and styles are being looked into for RCW's next show. Alot of review and introspection has been done by RCW as what to and not to do for the next event. As with any new product customer feedback and reaction has been their primary focus.

Alot of big name talent has been thrown around the offices in the past week, as well as venues many wouldn't even suspect as being looked into. Does this mean these talents and venues will be used? Nope. But it does mean everything is on the table and RCW is looking to innovate not imitate.

Sorry there wasn't allot to share this time around but, hopefully as things heat up there will be some MAJOR announcements soon.

Keep your feedback coming, after all RCW was built for the fans.

That's about all I have this time, catch later.