On the Outside - Post Hail To The King Report
Column by: William B. West on 02/16/2003

Greetings from under the UK hat!?!?! Anyways welcome to my first column at RCWOnline.Com.

RCW: Hail to the King is in the record books and from most reviews the second offering by Revolutionary Championship Wrestling was an all around success. The majority of fans I saw leaving the arena were very satisfied. I know the stars of RCW are very thankful for all the positive feedback and crowd reaction thus far. RCW truly has the greatest fans in the industry.

The workers of RCW should be commended for their efforts and performances. This is only the second time this assembled roster has worked together, and what a job they did. The ownership of RCW worked really hard to bring quality Independent Wrestling to this area and should be commended for a job well done.

The backstage atmosphere was great, everyone genuinely seemed to like each other. It really seems like an ego free locker room. A positive attitude backstage , translates to a better product beyond the curtain and it certainly showed.

I know from talking to the staff of RCW that they saw many areas of opportunity for improvement. The late start could mainly be attributed to too many tasks for too few people, while it was unfortunate there are already plans in place to address this. I talked with members of the booking committee and they really got a good feel for the roster at this show look for things to really start kicking up in the "feud" department. Also many adjustments to character and other issues will be made as they continue to fine tune the product.

I have personally received dozens of emails from Indy workers desiring work in RCW, apparently word of the success of this past event has already reached as far as Texas. As a rule it's best if you send RCW a tape, the address is on the contact page. I guarantee they will review every tape.

The wrestling scene in the area is going to get very competitive soon with multiple promotions vying for the gate. Competition can only fuel innovation. This is a great situation for the local fans. And for those fans who had to drive great distances keep you eyes peeled, from what I understand RCW is planning to increase their radius to serve all our wrestling hungry fans. There are some very interesting expansion plans underway, that are still in the hush stage. If all goes as planned RCW will not only be the standard in this area but the entire Midwest region.

Rumors continue to circulate about the next "Big" name to appear in RCW, and when that might be. Nothing is concrete as of now, but RCW loves feedback and suggestions. If you have someone you would like to see, drop a line to boardofdirectors@rcwonline.com . I'm sure they would love to hear from you.

That's about all I have this time, catcha later.