RCW: "Uncivil War 2011" - October 22nd, 2011 - YMCA - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 10/24/2011

As you can see from the pictures from the event, RCW Uncivil War lived up to the moniker. Saturday, October 22nd will go down as one of the most brutal nights in RCW history! A night plagued with injuries and mayhem. What does the future hold for certain RCW Superstars after such a violent night? RCW UNCIVIL WAR RESULTS:

The night began with the match that would decide RING CONTROL for one team during the Uncivil Wargames Match. Loony pit "American Idol" Dirk Extreme against Flash Fury.....he also put Extreme's North American Title up for grabs. All team members were at ringside. In the end Fury with for his frog splash but Trik Nasty interfered on Dirk's behalf costing his team a DQ but saving Dirk and the North American Title in the process. Flash Fury won via DQ. Trik Nasty is proving that he will do anything to get away from being Extreme's ROADIE by December.

It's been awhile since we have seen Tyson Rogers in action. He proved he was ready for a return to the ring after pinning Eclipso in this 3-way Battle. "The Black Superman" Onyx showed his strength many times in the match and might have walked away as the victor but was knocked out of the ring which allowed Rogers to capitalize on Eclipso and get the win. Eclipso was outmatched in size from both his competitors but fought like a champion throughout.

It was announced that the Street Fight would also be a FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE match! The Black Irish Saints had their belts stolen by Adrenaline X the last 2 shows in a row. It was do or die for Adrenaline X as this would be their last shot at BIS's Titles. These two teams fought all over the Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 577! Ron Mathis was busted open, Devlin Anderson was busted open, Devon Maximus was gauged with a fork! In the end The Juggulator and Exotic E helped put Projekt Ego back on the map by assisting Adrenaline X to a RCW World Tagteam Title victory. A great hard hitting, brutal match!

The Uncivil Wargames match started with Trik Nasty taking on Judas Thorn. The following entrants were as follows:
3. Heavy Metal
4. Randy "The King" Allen
5. "Bad News" Keith Hamblin
6. "Captivating" Corey Mason
7. Flash Fury
8. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme
Match included trash cans, Singapore canes, and even singing..... Trik Nasty busted Heavy Metal open with Simon's arm into a trash can. Metal had to leave the match as he was bleeding profusely. Later found out that Metal required 7 staples to close his wound! Being outnumbered the odds were for the other team. Dirk and Trik argued after Nasty superkicked Allen and Mason. Keith Hamblin took advantage and set Dirk up for Metal Mayhem's finishing move. Hamblin was not aware Heavy Metal was gone. Flash Fury took his place but Nasty caught Hamblin with a superkick knocking him into Flash who also got superkicked and mic checked for the win. Winners: Dirk Extreme, Randy Allen, Corey Mason, and Trik Nasty.

RCW's First TUXEDO MATCH ended in a disturbing manner. It was first announced that all members of WRESTLEOHIO had been banned from the building (all but Sara) "Loony" Mike Horton came to the ring sporting a barbwire kendo stick. Mastermind wanted no part of it. The match went back and forth with both tearing bits away from each other's tuxedos. Loony had Mastermind where he wanted him but Exotic E stuck his nose into another match and helped out the Mastermind. They knocked Loony out and to the fans disapproval, stripped Loony of his tux......Mastermind WINS. Many are wondering what kind of deal these two devils have made?

The RCW WORLD TITLE was up for grabs as "Violent" Vance Desmond defended his newly won RCW Title against former champion, THE JUGGULATOR. This is actually the first time these two have faced each other in a one on one match in RCW! They went to war. Neither man had the upper hand for long. In the end Exotic E and Adrenaline X attempted to interfere but The Black Irish Saints came in for the save. Vance Desmond hit a spinal tap from the top and got the win. Desmond won the match but did not get up. Juggulator had really worked on Desmond's leg throughout the match. The spinal tap that Desmond delivered was too much for his already injured leg. Desmond was taken to the hospital where it was found that he had tore his quad from his hip. No word as of yet on how long Desmond will be out.

The Black Irish Saints challenged Adrenaline X to a Double Casket Tagteam Title match at Full Circle VIIII. Exotic E accepted to a shocked AX.

Don't miss RCW "Final Countdown" on November 12th at the YMCA in Jackson, OH!