UNCIVIL WAR 2009 - November 7th, 2009 - Jackson Memorial Building - Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 3/16/2008

RCW's UNCIVIL WAR laid the ground work for this year's upcoming Seventh Anniversary Spectacular to take place on 12/05/09. A title changed hands, blood was shed by many, an old feud reignited, and the biggest mystery in RCW history is set to be revealed. This is what occurred at RCW's UNCIVIL WAR:


The night began with RangerBob, Tank Runyon, and RCW Ring Announcer Kenny Young opening the show. The Mastermind interrupted Young and said it was time for the match for Cage Control. Mind looked overly confident. Mastermind's team of Onyx, Ace Gigolo, Jock Samson, and Randy Allen came to the ring. Kenny then introduced the opposing team of Judas Thorn, Juggulator, Trik Nasty, and JD Santos. Mastermind was not surprised when ONLY Judas Thorn came out. It was insinuated that Mastermind may have done something to the vehicles of Nasty, Juggulator, and Santos while also getting them in trouble with the law. It seemed as though Thorn was on his own tonight. Mind said he had already made a match for CAGE CONTROL. That match was Jock Samson against JD Santos and it was also to be for the RCW North American Title. Since JD was not here Samson would be awarded the title due to forfeit. Samson was handed the title and acted as if he had just won an academy award which sickened Thorn and the fans. Thorn said he would take them all out one by one in the cage if he has to.

Otto Von Boogiemeister had an axe to grind with Byran Cross. Last time in Jackson, Cross got the win over Otto with some help from the ropes. This time around Bryan tried all the same tricks again but was caught by referee John Reuben. Cross wasn't expecting Otto to fight fire with fire though and Otto got the win by giving Cross a taste of his own medicine by using a handful of trunks to get the win. Cross objected but Referee John Reuben didn't see anything.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme took on "Violent" Vance Desmond with the winner advancing to face the RCW World Heavyweight Champion at Full Circle 7. The crowd wanted a song to start the match but Desmond rushed to the sound engineers table and grabbed Extreme's CD and crushed it. The match was on. Good back and forth contest with Desmond looking strong but Extreme would not stay down. Randy Allen and Hollie Wood made their way to ringside. Dirk hit Vance with the mic check but was distracted by Allen on the apron. Exotic E pass Vance the hammer but Flash Fury stormed the ring to stop him. Flash and Vance struggled over the hammer. Vance released and Flash accidently clocked Dirk with the hammer. Vance knocked Flash out of the ring and got the pin. Afterwards Flash chased Vance to the back and Randy entered the ring and put Dirk in a Figure 4. Tank Runyon and Hollie Wood joined in on the beat down. Randy was still unhappy about his loss to Dirk back at Oktoberfest. He reminded Dirk of FC3 when he make Extreme say "I Quit". Extreme fought back and made a challenge..a rematch from 4 years ago. "I QUIT 2" at Full Circle 7. Randy accepted.

Nikki Tyler and "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon thought they would be taking on "Bad News" Keith Hamblin and Heavy Metal. It seemed as though Hamblin had gotten the swine flu and sent a replacement. Metal would be teaming with the flamboyant Corey Mason. Mason and Metal didn't fair well as a team. HM did not enjoy the "advances" form Mason. Nikki Tyler and Jeff Cannon came out on top by getting the pin on Mason. Metal left Mason in the ring afterwards as Mason was asking for mouth to mouth.....ugh

Flash Fury was set to take on a mystery opponent for the RCW World Heavyweight Title. Fury had no idea who he would be facing. Mastermind introduced his challenger. Tyson Rogers who pinned Flash earlier in the year was his opponent. Flash was off to a good start but his high flying moves almost not only cost him his title but his career as Flash hit his head on the side of the ring and then the concrete floor while doing a cannonball to the outside. Flash was gushing blood from the back of his skull but he still fought back and refused to quit. Flash was able to overcome and retain the RCW World Title. Afterwards Flash had to be taken to the hospital where he required 4 staples in the back on the head. When you know the story of Fury's head injury from the past it was a scary moment indeed.

The Uncivil Wargames Cage Match was next. Mastermind had Kenny explain the rules and remind everyone that the Mastermind's Black Bag containing the blackmail material against The Phoenix was on the line against the contracts of Trik Nasty and Juggulator. Judas Thorn came out first. He said he would not be alone tonight. JD Santos had arrived. JD was irate that he had been cheated out of his title. He said Trik and Juggulator where still detained and not able to be there. Mastermind was happy that it was still 4 on 2 but JD said they found 2 other partners. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme and Nikki Tyler came out. Mastermind was livid as they introduced the first 2 participants. JUDAS THORN and ACE GIGOLO started off the match with the following order every 2 minutes thereafter: 3.ONYX 4.DIRK EXTREME 5.RANDY ALLEN 6.JD SANTOS 7.JOCK SAMSON 8.NIKKI TYLER. The only way to win was for every member of a team to escape. Once you left the cage you were not permitted to reenter. Minds team had each member of the opposing team in a corner. All of Mind's team went to climb out of the cage but were all stopped except for Gigolo who thought his team had won when he hit the floor only to find out he was out of the match. Extreme then accidently got eliminated from the match as he and Randy Allen battled at the cage door, Nikki Tyler went to hit Allen but knocked Extreme through the door instead. Tyler quickly tossed Allen out after that. Extreme and Allen fought to the back. Jock Samson and Nikki Tyler were a bloody mess at this point. Santos and Samson battled on the side of the cage. Samson hit the floor and Santos started to go back in with his team but Mastermind grabbed his leg and pulled him to the floor to eliminate Santos as well. Santos was hot and decked Mastermind knocking him cold. Judas Thorn and Onyx were eye to eye so Nikki Tyler left the ring to let the two big men battle it out. Onyx and Thorn both nearly won the bout but in the end it was Judas Thorn coming out on top to the delight of the fans. It was now time for The Mastermind to pay up. Dirk came out and pleaded with everyone to not make him open the bag. Dirk said the Phoenix wants to remain nameless. Mastermind said he was a man of his word and would open the bag as the match stipulated. But he would not open the bag and reveal the TRUTH until FULL CIRCLE VII on December 5th at the Elk's City Lodge in Portsmouth.