Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 11/5/2006

UNCIVIL WAR raged through Jackson, OH last night as RCW brought great wrestling action back to the Jackson area once again. Before getting to the results, RCW would like to thank a few businesses in the area for really helping us out at the last moment due to an error in our advertising. THE RADIO in Jackson, WNXT in Portsmouth, and WQCW "CW NETWORK". These businesses stepped up to the plate and helped get the word out in the last 24 hours and helped make this show a success. Uncivil War saw the return of a former RCW World Champion, New RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS (TWICE!), and so much more. Check out the results below.


The Tagteam Champions, NIKKI TYLER & FLASH FURY were at a disadvantage as Nikki Tyler's knee was in a brace due to the moonsault through the railing at the Trik or Treat event. Projekt Ego took advantage and got the win through questionable means to win back the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES. NEW RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS: PROJEKT EGO (JUGGULATOR & AARON DRAVEN)
Projekt Ego had a surprise. The contract stated that they had to give Nikki Tyler and Flash Fury a rematch at any time. PE thought it would be best to capitalize on the situation as Tyler's knee was totally shot. PE's plan backfired as Flash Fury and Nikki Tyler captured back the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES in quick fashion. NEW CHAMPIONS: FLASH FURY & NIKKI TYLER.

THE COVEN entered the ring and LORD ARION revealed that the RCW WORLD CHAMPION, JUDAS THORN would not be competing at FULL CIRCLE 4. Instead the RCW WORLD CHAMPION would be touring and competing in JAPAN for BIG JAPAN WRESTLING. TANK RUNYON entered the ring and made a challenge to THORN. If anyone on Tank's team pins Thorn in the Main Event then Thorn would give that person a title shot. Thorn accepted. Trik, Ace, and JD jumped Tank from behind. Dirk, Randy, and The Mastermind made the save. "American Idol" sang Motley Crue's "Girl Don't Go Away Mad, (Just Go Away). Tank challenged Trik to be the first entrant for the Main Event against him.

SLAMMIN' SAMMY defeated RICOCHET to retain his RCW TV TITLE. (Ricochet accidentally superkicked The Coven's NADJA)

TOMMY CHILL had to once again smooth things over between DDK and SLAMMIN' SAMMY.

ZERO TOLERANCE (TOMMY CHILL & "DDK" DANGEROUS DAMIEN KASS) beat the makeshift team of ROCKY RICH & CHUCK CHRONIC. Rich had been ordered by Commissioner, DUDE ROCK to take the place of Tyson Rogers who was absent.

DUDE ROCK ordered ROCKY RICH to compete in his second match that he was already scheduled for immediately after his beating from ZERO TOLERANCE.

ROCKY RICH defeated HECTOR HECTOR via pinfall.

DUDE ROCK and THE LOONY REFEREE, MIKE HORTON got into an altercation that resulted in THE LOONY REF announcing his run for COMMISSIONERSHIP at FULL CIRCLE 4.

TANK RUNYON, "AMERICAN IDOL" DIRK EXTREME, RANDY "THE KING" ALLEN, AND VILE DEFEATED TRIK NASTY, JUDAS THORN, ACE GIGOLO, AND JD SANTOS in the first ever UNCIVIL WARGAMES MATCH. Thorn was the first entrant instead of Nasty. Nasty, Gigolo, and Santos abandoned Judas Thorn at the end. Tank Runyon picked up the pin to earn himself a title shot upon Thorn's return to the States. Tank challenged Trik to a bout at FC4.