Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 10/16/2006

RCW has been bombarded with feedback regarding Saturday nights "Trik or Treat". From all accounts the show was one of the most entertaining shows in RCW history. Trik or Treat had something for everyone. Great wrestling action, drama, betrayals, music, returns, blood baths, contests, and even a fan proposing in the ring. October 14th proved why RCW is the top Indy promotion in the area.


Ranger Bob opened the show with the guest of honor, Trik Nasty. Trik was a little on the tipsy side, decked out in full pirate apparel. Trik Nasty said that tonight he would not be wrestling. Instead he would be the referee for the Tank Runyon/Judas Thorn World Title Match. Tank entered the ring not wanting Trik's help. The Coven then entered the ringside area minus Lord Arion. Arion's absence is still a mystery. Ricochet and Teijo Kahn attacked Tank and Trik at Judas's command. Tank and Trik disposed of the two. Judas was irate with his fellow team members. Judas said that he was calling the shots in The Coven tonight. He was sick of failure. He ordered that Ricochet face his teammate Teijo Kahn in a "Loser Leaves The Coven Match".

Ricochet defeated Teijo Kahn with help from Judas. Judas raised Ricochet's hand and delivered a clothesline to Ricochet straight from Hell. Judas ordered Nadja to come with him as they left the ring. Ricochet and Kahn left the ring together.

New RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS were crowned as Nikki Tyler and Flash Fury defeated Juggulator & Aaron Draven. Tyler is still recovering from his sick moonsault to the outside that drove his knee through the wood railing. A rematch has been set for Nov. 4th in Jackson.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme was challenged by C.O. Hustler to perform a song of Hustler's choice. Extreme agreed and performed Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" to the crowd's enjoyment and Hustler's dismay.

Extreme defeated Hustler via a sleeper after Ace Gigolo missed Randy Allen with a chain knocking out C.O. Hustler.

The Rookie, Rocky Rich beat RCW's Commissioner, Dude Rock in a Hardcore bout that was an all out blood bath. Dude Rock ordered the match a Falls Count Anywhere Match after The Loony Ref refused to make a pin on the outside. Moments later Rocky Rich had Dude laid out on a table full of thumbtacks. Rich climbed the ropes and dove off onto Dude collapsing the table and making a pin on the outside for the win.

Tyson Rogers & Chuck Chronic got a surprising victory over Tommy Chill & Slammin' Sammy after a masked figure distracted Sammy and left Tommy alone. Tyson & Chuck capitalized with a foreign object and got the win over the former RCW Tagteam Champions. The hooded figure unmasked to be none other than Chill's former teammate, Dangerous Damien Kass. DDK was out for revenge on Sammy but Tommy talked him out of it. Chill seems to be stuck in the middle as these two friends of his have issues with each other.

The feud between Ace Gigolo and Randy "The King" Allen came to an end in a Dog Collar Chain Match. Gigolo got the victory over Allen with help from C.O. Hustler who not only used a chair on Allen but held his feet down as the referee made the pin. Allen's cornerman, Dirk Extreme was barred from ringside by Commissioner, Dude Rock.

Judas Thorn retained the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE as he defeated Tank Runyon by questionable means. Special guest referee, Trik Nasty, double-crossed Tank in a shocking manner. Tank appeared to have Judas down for the count but Trik gave Tank the middle finger before making the 3 count. Tank was in a state of shock as Judas capitalized and got the win with a powerbomb. Afterwards Trik berated Tank and the fans. Dirk Extreme and Randy Allen came to Tank's aid and were attacked by Nasty as well. Finally Trik exited the ring as Dirk grabbed a chair and chased the disturbed one from the ring.