RCW "ROAD TO INJECTION '09" - June 13th, 2009 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 06/16/09

The Road To Injection 7 was paved in blood as June 13th is now in the books. A debut, a surprising return, and a revealing video were just some of the reasons to see this event. If you were unable to make it to Portsmouth on June 13th....here's what you missed.


RangerBob and Tank Runyon made their way out as the DVD Commentators as RangerBob brought out the WWWWWorld Famous RCW Ring Announcer, Kenny Young.

Randy "The King" Allen had his hands full with Chad Cruise. "The King" was still sporting a dress that he has to wear for the rest of the year here in RCW. Cruise nearly had the bout won but the "King" with some help from illegal tactics scored the pin. After the bout "Genuine" Jock Samson came to the ring and applauded Allen. A video popped up from "Livewire" Chris Smith showing a "Secret Lovers" video that speculated that Allen and Samson may be more than friends. Allen was livid and challenged Chris to a match at Injection 7 putting each of their careers on the line. If Allen wins, he is out of the dress and Smith is gone. If Smith wins, Allen must retire after wrestling his last match in the dress.

"Genuine" Jock Samson defeated the Otto Von Boogiemeister in his RCW debut. Otto looked great in his first outing here in RCW. Fans really took to the charismatic German. But.....with help from Randy Allen, Samson came out on top.

Rated X (Nikki Tyler and Flash Fury) reunited to face "Bad News" Keith Hamblin and Heavy Metal. Tyler and Fury proved that experience as a team still wins out in the end as a double splash marked the end for Heavy Metal.

JD Santos won a Best 2 out of 3 Falls match against North American Champion, Vance Desmond. Problem is the last fall was a DQ victory which still kept the title around the waist of Desmond. Santos won the first Fall via pinfall early. Desmond then captured a pin in the 2nd Fall. The Third Fall had Santos in total control but Tyson Rogers and Exotic E pulled out Referee John Reuben before he could make the 3 count thus causing a DQ. Santos was not happy and was said to be very upset with RCW Officials and Management about the situation.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme retained the title against Tyson Rogers after giving not only Rogers but Exotic E a Mic Check. After the match Rogers said he was not 100% and wanted 1 more shot at Injection. Dirk agreed but only if Tank Runyon would referee the bout and keep an eye on E and Desmond. Match was made.

Da Rydas (Trik Nasty & The Juggulator) defeated Mad Man Pondo and his partner "Omega" Aaron Draven in a Hardcore bout. Draven has a long history with Juggulator as one half of Projekt Ego and also as an opponent of Nasty when Ego feuded with TNT. The match got crazy as one would expect. Juggulator was bloodied by a vicious stop sign shot from Pondo. However, in the end Juggulator his Draven with his finisher for the win. Mastermind's plan to take out Da Rydas failed yet again.