Road To Injection '08 - June 7th, 2008 - Old Beaver School - Beaver, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 6/11/2008


The Road To Injection began with a fantastic match between Vance Desmond and Flash Fury. These two defy the laws of gravity and got the fans on their feet from start. Desmond tried to put Flash away but was having trouble. A reverse piledriver nearly put Flash away. Vance got the pin but Fury's foot was on the rope. The referee did not see the foot on the rope as Desmond quickly knocked it off. During Desmond's celebration, JD Santos came to the ring and grabbed the cameraman. He made the cameraman rewind the tape and show the referee that Flash had his foot on the rope. Referee restarted the match and Vance argued with JD. Flash capitalized and rolled Desmond up quickly for the win.

Juggulator who would later be the special guest referee in the tagteam encounter for the # 1 contendership for the RCW World Tagteam Titles, would have his hands full as he would take on Bryan Cross. Cross looked impressive in his debut against Flash Fury in Otway and this match was no different. Cross took the fight to the Juggulator and nearly won the bout but Juggulator proved to be too dominant, especially with Thorn and Mastermind in his corner. Juggulator came out on top with the win.

Corey Mason and Matt Taylor had another high impact match that was full of energy from these two. In the end, Mason used Taylor's valet, Miss MacKenzie, against him to pick up his first win in RCW. Taylor was not happy.

Before the next bout Ace Gigolo wanted to prove that IOU was indeed still a unit by giving Onyx The Internet Title. Gigolo said he wanted to relinquish the Internet Title to Onyx.

Onyx defeated "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme via DQ to win a match against the RCW World Champion at Injection 6 in Portsmouth. During the bout Onyx through Extreme around like a rag doll but could not pin him. Extreme refused to stay down. Ace Gigolo tossed Onyx his flex stick to use but Dirk garnered control of it and was DQ'd when he was caught hitting Onyx with the object.

The Loony Commissioner came out to make the announcement that Onyx's Title reign will not stand. A Title can only change hands via Pinfall or Submission unless otherwise stated in a contract. Therefore, The Internet Title is Vacant. Ace Gigolo wanted the belt back but Horton told him that he already relinquished the Title.

Ace Gigolo retained the TV Title but lost the match against JD Santos via DQ when Vance Desmond interfered and hit Santos with a hammer! After the incident Gigolo looked happy as he tried earlier in the bout to get DQ'd but was stopped at all avenues. It appeared Santos was on the verge of winning the Title before Desmond arrived. Gigolo's glee was short lived as Desmond then used the hammer on the TV champion before exiting the building. Gigolo and Santos are both said to be recovering and will both be at 100% by Injection 6.

The Tagteam Match for the #1 Contendership was a fiasco as one would expect with The Juggulator refereeing the bout. Chris Smith and Randy Allen took on Tyson Rogers and Wes Cannon. Not only did Smith & Allen have Rogers and Cannon to contend with, but also RangerBob, Juggulator, and The Mastermind. Juggulator refused to count to 3 when Smith and Allen had a chance to win the match. It was only a matter of time before the Weapons of Mass Destruction won the match. Afterwards, Mike Horton announced that he could not change the outcome of the match but at Injection 6 he could add to it. It will be The Gods defending against WOMD AND Chris Smith and Randy Allen in a 3-way Tagteam Title Match.

Tank Runyon barely kept his RCW World Heavyweight Championship against Judas Thorn. Referee, Steve Hephenstein got knocked cold during the match. The Juggulator being a sanctioned referee for the night, jumped into the ring to help his partner win the title. Randy Allen and Chris Smith came out to help Runyon. Everything broke down until Juggulator accidently clobbered Thorn with the Title Belt. Hephenstein came to and made the pin as Tank Runyon walked out of Beaver still retaining the Gold.