RCW: "PHYSICAL DISTORTION '11" - March 12th, 2011 - Plumbers & Pipe Fitters Local 577 - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/19/2011

RCW Fans are still talking about last Saturday's PHYSICAL DISTORTION event at the Plumbers & Pipe Fitters in Portsmouth. VANCE DESMOND has RETURNED to RCW but not in the role of the that everyone may think. Desmond actually saved Judas Thorn and fought off the likes of Projekt Ego. Lots of great action at PD'11. For a special look at PD'11 check out our pics on Facebook. Search: Revolutionary Championship Wrestling or just click the button towards the bottom left of this page. Here's what went down:


RCW WWWWWWORLD Famous Kenny Young and RangerBob were at Ringside as we got the first match underway…….

Maxx Power took on Flash Fury in the opening bout. Power was accompanied to the ring by WRESTLEOHIO's Mastermind, Sara, and Nikita Allanov. Power didn't see Fury as a threat and sent Allanov to the back. During the bout Power had a chair and was about to use it on Fury. Fury ended up dropkicking the chair into the face of Power, busting him open in the process. Flash Fury got win. Randy "The King" Allen defended the RCW North American Title against Trik Nasty. Nasty was escorted to the ring by "American Idol" Dirk Extreme who is still in control of Nasty's contract. Extreme humiliated Nasty before the match. The battle went back and forth between Allen and Nasty. In the end Nasty was on top but due to Extreme's interference Allen was able to roll Nasty up to retain. After the match Tank Runyon came to the ring and took out Extreme and Allen. They exchanged words for Extreme and Tank's match later.

The RCW World Tagteam Champions, Pretty in Pink had to defend against former champions Metal Mayhem, Keith Hamblin and Heavy Metal. It first appeared that Hamblin was not going to be there once again but after several minutes of PIP beating down Heavy Metal, Hamblin appeared. It appears that Pretty in Pink had Hamblin subdued in the back. Once Hamblin was back out there Metal Mayhem nearly recaptured the belts but the damage had been done. Pretty in Pink kept their Tagteam Titles. Heavy Metal has sustained a cracked rib as a result of the match.

Projekt Ego (Juggulator, Exotic E, Ron Mathis, & Devon Maximus interrupted Loony and The Pipe Fitter own Kenny Bailey. Ego didn't think it was fair that Juggulator's Title was on the line in the 6-man match later. Judas Thorn & The Black Irish Saints (DDK & Devlin Anderson) stormed the ring. They ejected Ego from the ring and stated that Juggulator would be losing his belt of one of them tonight.

El Nino returned and performed Zumba in the ring with Stacey Cunningham who was promoting her new Zumba classes in Portsmouth.

Nikita Allov and WrestleOhio had an open challenge to take on anyone inside or outside of RCW. ECLIPSO, a masked wrestler is popular throughout the Ohio Valley made his way into RCW for the first time. Eclipso put up a great fight but in the end it was Allanov who was victorious.

Tank Runyon beat "American Idol" Dirk Extreme all over the Pipe Fitters Building. During the match Extreme worked over the neck of Runyon. The neck that put him out of action 2 years ago. A classic battle that saw Runyon get the win after the Black Hole Slam. After the match though, Extreme attacked Runyon. He and Allen focused on the neck and then made Trik Nasty deliver a neck breaker that put Runyon back on the injury list.

The 6-man for the RCW World Title was next. Elimination Rules applied. Match was great bout that lasted awhile before the first elimination. Devon Maximus went first followed by Ron Mathis. It looked for a moment as if Juggulator's title was going to a new residence. Adrenaline X helped put out DDK and Devlin Anderson. That left Juggulator and Judas Thorn as the Final 2. With help from Exotic E, Juggulator retained. They tied Thorn up in the ropes. E had another surprise. Joining Projekt Ego would be the RETURN OF "VIOLENT" VANCE DESMOND. Desmond came to the ring with his trademark hammer. Desmond looked at Thorn but instead hit Juggulator with the hammer. Adrenaline X hit the ring only to be put out by Desmond who also gave Maximus the Canadian Destroyer. Juggulator was busted open, Exotic E livid, and the fans ecstatic> RCW Returns to Jackson on May 7th with ROAD TO INJECTION.