PHYSICAL DISTORTION '09 - February 28th, 2009 - Jackson Memorial Building, Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/02/2009

RCW's PHYSICAL DISTORTION '09 has now come and gone and Jackson will never be the same again. RCW fans turned out in droves as the Jackson Memorial Building was packed last Saturday to witness one of the best RCW shows in History! A return, betrayals, and dysfunctional families made PD09 a show that many will not soon forget. PD09 will be available on DVD at the 3/21 show in Portsmouth. Results are below.


PD09 began with the WWWWWorld Famous RCW Ring Announcer, Kenny Young bringing RangerBob and Tyson Rogers to ringside for DVD commentating. Rangerbob had something to say though as he entered the ring instead. RangerBob talked about how he has made mistakes that he regrets. RangerBob said he was sickened at the things that Vance Desmond done to his good friend Mike "Loony" Horton. He was sorry for turning his back on his country and friends. He was sorry for turning his back on the fans of RCW. Tyson didn't seem to agree with RangerBob and only time will tell whether the fans will forgive RangerBob if indeed these apologies are genuine.

Tank Runyon battled Flash Fury in the opening bout. Vance Desmond was caught interfering early on and was ceremoniously sent to the back by Referee John Reuben. The match continued as it looked like Flash was about to win with a frogsplash when Desmond returned, entering the ring with Exotic E to stop the pin thus causing a DQ. Flash Fury defeated Tank Runyon via DQ. The 3 worked Fury over until "American Idol" Dirk Extreme, Trik Nasty, "Livewire" Chris Smith, and Randy "The King" Allen ran into the ring to stop the assault. Tank Runyon said he deserved his rematch for HIS RCW World Title with Dirk Extreme tonight. Dirk challenged Tank to a match now. The Mastermind along with The Gods, Judas Thorn & The Juggulator, and IOU, Ace Gigolo & "The Black Superman" Onyx entered into the fray. Mastermind told Tank he would have his rematch next month in Portsmouth at "Spring Awakening" on 3/21 but it would be with Judas Thorn as he would be Champion after the night was through, he promised. Mastermind still carrying a mysterious bag that he claims holds something that lets him have control over RCW President/Owner, The Phoenix. Mastermind also said that Juggulator would end Trik Nasty's career tonight which Juggulator seemed to be against. Legacy and IOU were sent to the back to get ready for their match as Dirk said he found a MP3 Player in the back that said "Property of Juggulator" He said he would sing the first song on the player which turned out to be "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" or as we would soon learn "Every Juggalo Has His Judas Thorn". Thorn was irate.

IOU (Gigolo & Onyx) battled The Legacy (Allen & Smith) for the #1 Contendership to the Tagteam Titles currently held by The Gods (Thorn & Juggulator). The Legacy took it to IOU early but soon IOU took over with the under handed tactics The Mastermind's minions are known for. In the end IOU came out on top over Smith and a dejected Randy Allen. IOU were now #1 Contenders and will be facing their own faction members The Gods in Portsmouth on 3/21. After the match Allen and Smith hugged when Allen suddenly snatched Smith into a belly-to-belly suplex. The Legacy's manager Hollie Wood tried to restrain Allen but he shoved her to the ground and then dropped Referee Steve Hephenstein. He then dropped 2 elbows from the top onto Smith. Allen then placed Smith into a figure-4 and refused to break it. Randy "The King" Allen left his former partner and manager lying in the ring as he told the fans what he really thought on his way out the building. A shocking moment in RCW history to say the least.

Chad Cruise re-debuted in RCW and had a grand opportunity in front of him as he was thrown into a NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH against Vance Desmond. Before the match even started Tank Runyon was ejected from ringside because of his actions earlier with his stablemates Desmond & E. Exotic E was still a factor at ringside though, but Cruise seemed to deal with the situation pretty well. Cruise really put up a good fight with the crafty Desmond. Desmond once again brought the hammer into play and took out Cruise for the win. After the match he & E wanted to demonstrate what happens when people try to embarrass Vance Desmond. They were about to take Cruise out permanently when familiar music hit and JD Santos appeared. Santos had been out of action for 8 months after a severe neck injury that required surgery. Santos ran the duo out of the ring. Desmond said maybe he should take out Santos now since Santos isn't 100%. Santos agreed to an impromptu bout.

Desmond attacked Santos early on going after the injured neck. Santos fought back hard and with the crowd behind him he defeated Vance Desmond and was announced the New RCW North American Champion. Exotic E and Desmond argued with Referee John Reuben who then informed Kenny Young that Vance Desmond never signed for a Title Match against JD, therefore JD gets the victory but Desmond still remains RCW North American Champion.

Trik Nasty and The Juggulator had a Hell of a battle. At one time these two were part of a faction of their own called Da Rydas. They have also fought many times but never with the intention of ending the others career. The Mastermind however wanted Juggulator to end Trik Nasty's career. Onyx and Ace Gigolo got involved and Juggulator backed them off at one point. Trik Nasty showed tremendous heart and came back hard until Mastermind changed the rules of the match saying now it was a NO DQ. Onyx and Ace entered the ring and put the boots to Nasty. Juggulator demanded that The Mastermind send them to the back and let him finish Nasty alone. Mastermind obliged. As Juggulator turned back around Trik Nasty rolled him up for the win. Mastermind was furious at Juggulator. Trik Nasty escaped with a win and not to mention escaped another career ending plot set forth by The Mastermind.

Nikki Tyler defeated "Bad News" Keith Hamblin in a match that really displayed the power of Hamblin and the speed of Nikki Tyler. The fans haven't forgotten Tyler in his absence and he was welcomed back to Jackson with open arms as the crowd rallied behind him. Keith Hamblin showed his ring smarts that only come from being in the ring for years but made one fatal mistake and Tyler capitalized. Interesting to see where this leads from here.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme retained the RCW World Heavyweight Title in a hard fought bout against the monster Judas Thorn. Each man through everything at one another with many near pin attempts. In the end, Onyx jumped on the apron to protest a near pin when Judas collided with him allowing Dirk to hit him with a 2nd mic-check for the win. After the bout IOU brawled with The Gods as Mastermind tried to install order to his "family". Tank Runyon then came out to remind Dirk he would be taking his RCW World Title back on 3/21 in Portsmouth.