PHYSICAL DISTORTION '08 - February 16th, 2008 - Jackson Memorial Building - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 2/17/2008

PHYSICAL DISTORTION '08 is in the history books and left the fans in Jackson in a frenzy. Over 200 people were in the Jackson Memorial Building again to witness Revolutionary Championship Wrestling. The evening produced an impromptu RCW World Title Match and the announcement of a former WWE Champion returning next month to RCW. Here are the results:


The night began with RCW Announcer Kenny Young bringing one of the Lethal Lottery Tournament winners to the ring..."The Livewire" Chris Smith. Chris explained to everyone about how he injured his partner Randy "The King" Allen at New Year's Revolution. He said Allen is doing much better and will be returning in March. Tonight Chris would fight whomever the Board of Directors had in store for him. RCW newcomer Corey Mason hit the ring and would be Smith's opponent. Corey Mason was definitely not the fan favorite in this match as the fans helped cheer Chris Smith on to victory in a hard fought matchup.

Another RCW newcomer Matt Taylor took on El Nino. El Nino looked to have given up the bottle but in return he took up stalking Matt Taylor's girlfriend Miss MacKenzie. El Nino was more ruthless as we have ever seen him in the past but Taylor fought hard and countered everything that El Nino brought to the table. Miss MacKenzie defended herself against El Nino in the end and Matt Taylor rolled El Nino up with a small package for the win.

Onyx and Ricochet storied past came to a halt as this grudge match seemed to end a feud while possibly starting another. Onyx proved his power throughout the bout though Ricochet showed that his quickness and agility were nothing to take for granted. In the end, IOU scored a victory as Ricochet passed out in the torture rack. After the bout Ace Gigolo got some licks in on Ricochet as well and we were told after the event that when Ricochet injuries heal, he will be gunning for Gigolo.

RCW Commissioner and B.O.D. member Dude Rock came to the ring as Rock's position was clarified for the Jackson fans. The Weapons of Mass Destruction interrupted. Dude Rock and Ranger Bob thought there should be a RCW World Title Match tonight. Tank Runyon, Hollie Wood, and Flash Fury came to the ring. Tank said he would not only wrestle in the 6-man mixed tag match but would also defend his title against anyone. Wes Cannon quickly said he wanted the title match. Loony agreed as Tyson and Ranger Bob argued with Cannon saying that the match was Tyson's.

Tank Runyon successfully defended to RCW WORLD TITLE against Wes Cannon after hitting cannon with a spear and then an elbow from the top.

RCW's dual champion Ace Gigolo, defended his RCW TV Title against Nikki Tyler. Tyler was quick throughout the match and nearly beat Gigolo but in the end Exotic E's IOU prevailed.

The Mastermind and The Juggulator gave their thoughts on Chris Smith challenging GODS to a RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLE MATCH in the near future. After dragging Smith's name in the mud they proceeded to bash Juggulator's opponent tonight and former partner, JD Santos. Santos came to the ring ready to fight as he and the Juggulator had an exciting bout. Mastermind interfered every chance he got. Chris Smith came to ringside stopping the Mastermind from future interference while also distracting Juggulator allowing JD Santos to gain control and capture the win.

The Main Event was the Mixed 6-man tagteam match pitting The Weapons of Mass Destruction with Ranger Bob or RangerBob as he wants to be called against Tank Runyon, Flash Fury, and Hollie Wood. In the end the referee lost control and all heck broke loose. Tyson splashed Wood and Ranger Bob...sorry RangerBob pinned Hollie Wood.

IOU entered the ring and took over beating on Tank while handing Ranger Bob payment. They wanted to introduce the newest member of IOU..Dirk Extreme. American Idol music played and nothing....then Exotic E ordered Dustie at sound to play IOU music. Dirk Extreme then came out with a smirk on his face and a demeanor that told the fans all they needed to know. Dirk Extreme had defected. Fans were in uproar. Dirk had Onyx and Ace pick up Tank. Dirk handcuffed Tank (or did he?). He turned on Exotic E and Ace and Onyx discovered they were handcuffed to each other. Dirk and Tank worked over the duo and then forced Exotic E to sign a contract for a match on March 15th at the Elk's City Lodge in Portsmouth, OH. Onyx & Ace Gigolo VS "American Idol" Dirk Extreme and The Honky Tonk Man! Tank Runyon then told Tyson Rogers if he wanted another shot at the RCW Title it would be on March 15th in RCW's first ever Flag-on-a-Pole Match.