RCW BEAVER OKTOBERFEST - October 2nd, 2009 - Old Beaver School - Beaver, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 7/1/2008

RCW was proud to be apart of the 25th Beaver Oktoberfest. RCW staff and stars put on a show that will not soon be forgotten. Here's what happened:


The night began with Kenny Young welcoming everyone and introducing commentators RangerBob and Tank Runyon to ringside.

First match of the night was suppose to be a Handicap Match pitting Nikki Tyler against Heavy Metal and "Bad News" Keith Hamblin. The Mastermind came out before the match started and said that because of Judas Thorn's actions against Ace Gigolo back at International Incident, Ace would not be able to tag with Onyx tonight and go after "their" belts. He was giving someone an opportunity of a lifetime tonight to not only Tag with someone the caliber of "The Black Superman" Onyx but to also become an RCW World Tagteam Champion by defeating Da Rydas. Mastermind chose "Bad News" Keith Hamblin. This decision left the once cocky Heavy Metal speechless as he now had to face Tyler one on one. Nikki Tyler went on to defeat Heavy Metal in a back and forth bout.

Next up was the RCW North American Title Match. JD Santos was hell bent on revenge as Jock Samson sent a message to Santos at RCW 75 nearly rebreaking Santos's neck. Santos took it to Samson. Eventually this brawl ended up on the outside of the ring. Samson tried to escape to the dressing room but Santos drug him back to ringside. JD tossed Jock back into the ring as the referee counted 10. Jock Samson won via countout. Samson celebrated thinking he had won the North American Title but was informed JD was still champion as you have to pin or submit the reigning champion. Samson attacked JD again. Santos's Rydas teammates came to his rescue as Samson escaped and stole the North American Title in the process, proclaiming himself Champion.

The Mastermind came back out and told Da Rydas (Juggulator & Trik Nasty) that he would make sure that they would lose the RCW World Tagteam Titles later tonight. He also put a Bounty on the head of the friend, Judas Thorn. There was a man who wanted that money and prepared to collect tonight. That man was Otto Von Boogiemeister. Boogiemeister made his way into the ring. Da Rydas poked some fun at the German raver. Judas Thorn then made his way to the ring and Da Rydas wished him luck. Otto looked good against Thorn but Judas proved to be too powerful to be defeated. Judas Thorn won via pinfall. After the bout The Mastermind smacked Otto. Otto backed Mind into a corner but was jumped by Onyx. Judas came back to take on Onyx but "The Black Superman" was pulled by Mastermind to the back. These two will have to face each other sooner or later.

"American Idol" was set to take on Randy "The King" Allen in a match but wasn't prepared for what "The King" had in store for him....nor was anyone for that matter. Randy wanted to reunite Excalibur and wanted to sing a duet of Poison's "Every Rose Has It's Thorn". Allen even brought a guitar for the occasion. The two sang the first verse together and the crowd seemed to be digging it but Allen said Dirk was off key. He had Dirk sing it by himself and the crowd cheered for "The American Idol". Randy went to sing and the fans tore into him. Allen attack Extreme with the guitar but was cut short. They battled in and out of the ring with Allen taking out the leg of Extreme. Eventually Extreme caught Allen in the MIC CHECK and got the victory. Extreme was slated to referee the RCW World Heavyweight bout later in the night between Flash Fury and Vance Desmond. Tank Runyon attacked Extreme from behind as he and Randy battered "The American Idol" as Exotic E looked on. Flash Fury came out and helped Extreme to the back.

Da Rydas defeated "The Black Superman" Onyx and "Bad News" Keith Hamblin via DQ as Onyx and Keith refused to leave the ring as ordered by the referee's constant demands. Juggulator and Trik Nasty had gotten the black bag from the Mastermind that contained the information that Mastermind has been using for over a year to blackmail The Phoenix. They were about to open the bag when the onslaught happened. The referee could not get Onyx and Hamblin out of the ring and ordered the DQ. Mind retrieved his bag and made match for Uncivil War. Da Rydas RCW contract VS Mind's black bag. Challenge accepted.

Flash Fury and Vance Desmond were set to face each other. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme did not show up to referee. Loony showed up to take Dirk's place but Mastermind had a surprise for Loony. After his attack on E at International Incident, he was having him COMMITTED to an insane asylum. Security and referees were forced to restrain Loony and escort him to a vehicle outside that would take Horton to his destination. Mind made Desmond's manager, Exotic E the new referee. One can imagine how one sided E was as referee. Fury continued to battle back. Finally after Desmond had used every cheap shot he hit Flash with the Canadian Destroyer Piledriver. It looked to be over but Dirk Extreme limped to ringside and pulled Exotic E out of the ring who was about to make the 3 count. Exotic E got leveled by a punch and Extreme entered the ring with referee attire on. Desmond and Extreme argued. Flash knocked Desmond into Extreme and rolled him up. Extreme was knocked silly but still made the 3 count as Flash Fury retained the RCW World Heavyweight Title.