RCW "New Year's Revolution" - January 5th, 2008 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 1/7/2008

Revolutionary Championship Wrestling started off the New Year with yet another sold-out crowd at the Elk's City Lodge. RCW is becoming the hottest ticket in town!!! NEW YEAR'S REVOLUTION proved to be an unpredictable and exciting event. The Lethal Lottery tournament seen two wrestlers RISE to the occasion and pave the road to their future while the RCW World Champion, Tank Runyon found a new nemesis. Thanks to Castle Comics, Domino's Pizza, and Front Row Video for always supporting RCW. Below you will find the results to "New Year's Revolution"


The Loony Commissioner started the Lethal Lottery tournament off by showing the fans the electronic system that would randomly be choosing the wrestlers on the video wall. The first match was then set.

Randy "The King" Allen & Vance Desmond defeated Ricochet & Onyx. Even though Onyx and Ricochet had been a formidable team in the past, they could not get past the bad blood between the two. At first the two team members slugged it out until Allen and Desmond decided to take advantage of the situation forcing the two to work as a team. In the end Ricochet superkicked his partner and left him to be picked apart by Desmond and Allen who advanced to the semi-finals.

The next set of teams were announced....Wes Cannon & Ace Gigolo VS Hollie Wood & El Nino. Exotic E told the crowed that had a huge announcement. Since Trik Nasty would be out for awhile due to major knee surgery he wanted to insure everyone that IOU would still be as strong as ever. Exotic E proclaimed that he met with "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme during the week. That Extreme came to him for help. Exotic E reminded everyone that he created the American Idol and that he can take it away. He showed a video reminding everyone of who Dirk Extreme really is showing clips of the heinous acts that Extreme orchestrated in his years prior to becoming the "American Idol". During this time Ranger Bob ushered El Nino backstage. El Nino re-entered just in time for the bout but was not any help to Hollie Wood at all during the match. El Nino could be seen at the concession stand amongst other places during the bout. Hollie proved that she had been training for the match but soon it was a matter of time before Ace Gigolo & Wes Cannon picked her apart. If that wasn't enough....Hollie was finally able to make a tag but El Nino jumped from the apron and pulled off the mask to unveil Ranger Bob. Cannon & Gigolo advanced to the semifinals.

The 3rd match of the tournament was picked....Matt Taylor & newcomer Corey Mason would take on "Livewire" Chris Smith & JD Santos. The crowd was solidly behind Santos & Smith. Taylor & Mason put up a good effort but experience won out and Santos & Smith advanced to the semi-finals.

Last match for the first round was up and the only 4 members left were the tagteam champions and the former tagteam champions. They would be split up as it would be Judas Thorn & Nikki Tyler VS The Juggulator & Flash Fury. Mastermind was not happy that his Champions could not team together. Judas Thorn dominated early on in the bout but did not have teamwork with Tyler. Flash Fury & Juggulator were able to get the win after Thorn slugged Tyler. Juggulator & Fury advanced to the semifinals.

The Weapons of Mass Destruction came to the ring and wanted to show everyone why Americans were the lowest form of life on the planet. They brought RCW Champion Tank Runyon to the ring who was defending against WOMD member Tyson Rogers later in the night. They offered Tank cash to wipe his nose with the American flag. Tank took the money but when they turned their backs, Tank took their flag and proceeded to wipe his nose and "other areas" with it. The WOMD attacked Tank who later cleared the ring with a chair.

The 1st Semi-Final round was now up with Randy "The King" Allen & Vance Desmond taking on Ace Gigolo & Wes Cannon. Good back and forth match but Allen & Desmond came together in the end and got the pin on Cannon. Allen & Desmond seemed to be working well together as a team heading into the Finals.

The Loony Commissioner reluctantly announced the New member of The Board of Directors....Dude Rock. The fans were not happy and one has to wonder what The Phoenix was thinking putting Dude Rock onto The BOD.

The last Semi-Final match saw JD Santos & Chris Smith win over Juggulator and Flash Fury in a match that had the crowd on their feet.

Tank Runyon defeated Tyson Rogers by DQ in a match for the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE. Runyon had Rogers in the sharpshooter. It looked as if Rogers was about to tap when Wes Cannon & Ranger Bob jumped Tank from behind. Hollie Wood came to ringside and took the flag from WOMD. Flash Fury ran to the ring and ascended the ropes, diving onto Rogers & Ranger Bob upon turning around. Tank hit Wes Cannon with a spear. A 6-man challenge was issued for Jackson on 2/16/08.....Tank Runyon, Flash Fury, & Hollie Wood VS Tyson Rogers, Wes Cannon, & Ranger Bob. Challenge accepted.

The Finals of the Lethal Lottery tournament saw "Livewire" Chris Smith & JD Santos win the Lethal Lottery tournament after defeating Randy "The King" Allen & Vance Desmond. Allen & Desmond put up a hell of a fight. Santos put Desmond away with the standing shooting star press, and then jumped directly onto Allen allowing Chris Smith to make the pin. After the bout the two were told they had to choose a match. Not the when or where, but WHO. Chris Smith said he has all of the respect in the world for Santos but Allen is his friend and wants a shot at the Tagteam Titles held by Judas Thorn & Juggulator with Randy Allen as his partner. JD Santos also chose a title match. He wants to go after the TV Title that is currently held by Ace Gigolo. Santos doesn't like Gigolo and wants to be the one to shut Gigolo up once and for all.