Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 9/17/2006

Every year International Incident seems to get bigger and better. This year was no exception as RCW invaded the St. Mary's International Festival once again. Fans got a preview of what is in store for them on October 14th, RCW's TRICK OR TREAT....not dubbed TRIK OR TREAT. For an explanation read the results below.


The night started out with Tyson Rogers criticizing the International Festival for not representing him and his new anti-American beliefs. Chuck Chronic, Tyson's newest allie also chimed in on their America bashing until the Flash Fury and Nikki Tyler silenced the duo. FLASH FURY AND NIKKI TYLER defeated TYSON ROGERS & CHUCK CHRONIC after Referee Maniac Matt threw out a previous decision for the opposing team. Matt conversed with RCW Senior Official The Loony Referee before restarting the bout. Rogers & Chronic were irate, arguing with the referee when Tyler and Fury took advantage and walked away with the win

INEJECTION 4 winner TANK RUNYON made his way to the ring accompanied by TRIK NASTY and announced that as the INJECTION 4 Winner it was time to choose his match. He wanted a shot at RCW WORLD CHAMPION, JUDAS THORN on October 14th's TRICK OR TREAT. COMMISSIONER DUDE ROCK came to the ring with contract in hand. DUDE brought out the COVEN to make everything official. Everyone signed the contract and then tonight's Main Event Match was now in discussion. Tank had an announcement that involved Trik sitting on the sidelines because Tank found out that Trik was still on his medications and not acting like himself. Tank introduced a replacement partner, "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme. Trik was not happy but the two explained how they were worried for their friend. Dirk Extreme announced that he had a surprise for Lord Arion if he decided to stick his nose in. ST. MARY'S OWN FATHER TED would be in the corner of Runyon & Extreme. Father Ted came to the ring and Lord Arion threatened the Father. Trik offered up a stipulation that both parties agreed to. If The Coven the bout then they would get a 3 on 1 match with Father Ted but in turn if Tank & Dirk won then they would also get a 3 on 1 match with Father Ted by their side against Lord Arion. Everyone left the ring except for a disgruntled Trik Nasty and Commissioner Dude Rock who was getting set to take on newcomer, Rocky Rich. Dude made an offer to Trik. If Trik took his place against Rich and punished the youngster than Dude would give Trik whatever he wanted on the October 14th show. Trik agreed. First thing Trik wanted was to have the spelling of the TRICK OR TREAT event spelled to read TRIK OR TREAT. Dude obliged.

TRIK NASTY not only got the win over ROCKY RICH but punished "Nature's Best" at the delight of RCW's Commissioner.

RANDY "THE KING" ALLEN got a DQ win over ACE GIGOLO after Ace resorted to using a steel chain on the head of Randy Allen busting him open. Ace then attacked the referee for disqualifying him. Allen recovered after the chain shot and disposed of Gigolo issuing a match for TRIK OR TREAT on October 14th to end this feud. A DOG-COLLAR STEEL CHAIN MATCH. Ace agreed.

JUDAS THORN & RICOCHET defeated TANK RUNYON & "AMERICAN IDOL" DIRK EXTREME. The Loony Referee was on the outside of the ring distracted by Lord Arion and Dirk Extreme fighting. Meanwhile Trik Nasty appeared to be aiming to hit Thorn with a title belt but Thorn moved as Trik hit Tank. Ricochet knocked Trik out of the ring and Loony came back in to make the 3 count. Thorn and Ricochet were furious with each other for a superkick got wrong from Ricochet earlier that caught Judas by mistake. The two fought to the back leaving Lord Arion to face Father Ted alone. Lord Arion was looking for his help when Father Ted took advantage.

FATHER TED DEFEATED THE COVEN after hitting a belly-to-back suplex on Lord Arion