INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT '05 - September 17, 2005
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 9/21/2005

For the third year, RCW brought it's style to the St. Mary's International Festival. The free show set the stage for what we can expect to see in the months to come in RCW. For those of you who missed it, here's what happened:

It was clear that the fans were not behind either of these wrestlers as neither of them respect the fans. Do they respect anyone? It seems that after this match they respected each other. Even though Juggulator got the win, the two used every dirty tactic they could think of. Ed Crowza, Juggulator's manager, was even impressed with Draven's cheating abilities. Looks like this could be the start of a new team here in RCW. WINNER: JUGGULATOR

Judas Thorn was lead to the ring by his manager, formerly known as Exotic E, and Ricochet. Exotic E would then fill everyone in on exactly what his group did with the $15,000. He brought out someone he claimed was as dark as he was. Someone from abroad. Out came a mysterious female cloaked in black. Her name was revealed as Nadja. She spoke to the fans in some diverse foreign language. Even though the content of her speech is not known the tone said enough to the fans to know that Nadja doesn't think much of them. Exotic E then pronounced that henceforth he shall be known as Lord Arion. The flock that follows him shall be known as The Coven. Lord Arion then was ready to announce the match that Judas will choose as his reward for winning Injection 3. The old Exotic E music then blared as RCW World Champion, Dirk Extreme made his way to the ring. It was apparent that Dirk was trying to suck up to the group and point their championship desires to other avenues. Dirk mentioned that Judas never finished the job with Trik Nasty (who was sitting in the crowd). Judas took exception but then Father Ted from Saint Mary's entered the ring. He stated that he had pleaded Trik's case to the Board of Director's and had come to a resolution. If Trik could beat Judas tonight that Trik could be reinstated. If Trik lost then all hope of his return would be lost as well. Father Ted would also be the Special Guest Referee.

Chuck Chronic has to be the first RCW wrestler to make his debut in a TRIPLE THREAT match. Flash was the clear fan favorite and Bobby the clear least favorite and maybe that was a good thing for Chronic. It allowed him lay low on the radar during moments of the match when Bobby and Flash were preoccupied with each other. Chronic didn't lay low for long though as he showed he was there to fight as he took it to both with every chance he got. In the end though Flash would catch Chronic with a Northern Lights Suplex and then a Frog Splash from the top for the win. WINNER via pinfall: FLASH FURY

The stipulation of this match stated that if Runyon and Allen won then they would get a Tagteam Title shot against the champions in October at Uncivil War. Dirk Extreme stepped in for the absent Nic Wrath, who was given the night off by Excalibur as a reward due to his antics on Randy Allen. The match started with Allen and Tank taking it to Excalibur. Gigolo and Extreme then took over after Ace caught Tank with one his devastating clotheslines. Excalibur would then show great team work by working over Tank for most of the match. Tank made the tag to Randy, who disposed of Gigolo. Dirk and Randy squared off. Dirk whipped the King off the ropes and attempted to catch him with a knee to the midsection but was surprised when Allen rolled him up for the 3 count. Excalibur was livid. WINNERS via pinfall: TANK RUNYON & RANDY ALLEN.

This feud has been brewing for sometime now. First Ricochet cost Tyson a match against Judas Thorn. Then Tyson took Ricochet's hair. Since, the two are thumping each other at every turn. Ricochet turned his abilities up in this contest reminding everyone of his aerial skills. Tyson on the other hand proved that he is worthy of the Internet Title that he proudly holds. At one point in the match, Tyson delivered a piledriver to Ricochet. Ricochet fell victim to Tyson once again and the mask had to be removed. Nadja and Lord Arion hid Ricochet's face from the fans, but the Board has stated that if Ricochet ever wishes to wrestle in RCW again then he will have to do it without the mask.

Dirk Extreme entered the ring and let everyone know that he talked to THE PHOENIX and came to an agreement. Trik Nasty could not wrestle in the match. Trik had 30 seconds to find someone to wrestle and beat Judas Thorn or else he would be suspended forever along with his manager, The Mastermind. Dirk even showed the fax with the Phoenix's signature. Trik ran to the back. The count got nearly to 30 when The Mastermind showed up with The Masked Superstar. Dirk tried to prove that Superstar was Trik but was punched out by Superstar and the match with Judas began. Judas showed his raw power throughout the match. Superstar on the other hand was countering alot of what Judas was throwing at him. Finesse was winning over strength. Superstar went to hit a legdrop from the top but missed. Judas went to whip Superstar in the ropes. Dirk pulled the rope down but Superstar reversed and Judas went sailing out of the ring. Judas went after Dirk and Father Ted counted to 10 in the process, counting Judas out and giving The Masked Superstar the win which reinstated Trik Nasty into RCW. Judas clobbered Superstar and delivered a pump-handle slam to Father Ted. Dirk worked over Superstar and then Father Ted as well. Judas grabbed the mic and said on October 15th he wanted Trik in a match. That was the match he wanted for his Injection win. But it would be for the RCW World Title in a 3-Way Dance with Dirk Extreme added to the mix. Dirk was in awe. He turned around and caught a boot to the gut and Judas delivered a powerbomb on the Champion. Trik Nasty emerged from under the ring and came to Father Ted's rescue with a steel chair. WINNER VIA COUNTOUT: THE MASKED SUPERSTAR