Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 7/12/2006

Injection 4 was full of drama and surprises ladies and gentlemen. If you missed out, here's the results to catch you up:


The Mastermind came out at the beginning and let everyone know that Maxx Power had been ambushed by Judas Thorn. Mastermind said that Power looked to be out indefinitely. Commissioner, Dude Rock came to the ring and offered the RCW World Title shot to Tank Runyon. Runyon didn't want to leave his partner, Trik Nasty, hanging in the RCW Tagteam Title match. Dude then offered the match to Trik and Trik accepted. Thus the Commissioner changed the RCW World Tagteam Title match to a 4-Team elimination bout. Runyon was out of the match.

Projekt Ego (Juggulator & Aaron Draven) won the 4-team elimination Tagteam Title match in the finals against Nikki Tyler & Flash Fury after PE used a title belt as a weapon while the referee was down. In the first fall Chuck Chronic & Tyson Rogers lost as Tyson was distracted by El Nino and hit Chronic by mistake allowing Tyler to pick up the pin. The second fall was decided as the Disciples of the Coven (Ricochet & Teijo Kahn) were eliminated.

Slammin' Sammy shocked everyone as he became the new RCW TV Champion against now former champ, Tommy Chill. Chill and Sammy are close friends and Sammy pulled out a surprise win that Tommy didn't see coming.

New Excalibur with their new member C.O. Hustler defeated The Original Excalibur made up of Dirk Extreme, Randy Allen, & Tank Runyon. A masked 4th member of New Excalibur made his presence known as he cost the originals the match allowing Hustler to pick up the win for his team.

Judas Thorn picked up the win via DQ against Trik Nasty (This was decided afterwards by The Board of Directors as Nasty's actions were uncalled for). Nasty was relentless with a steel chair and the other members of The Coven were no where to be found. Mastermind took out Lord Arion in the process.

The Final 4 in the Injection Rules Rumble were Tank Runyon, Trik Nasty, Dirk Extreme, and Randy Allen. Tank Runyon pinned Randy Allen. During the Final 3, Dirk Extreme and Trik Nasty took the ropes off of the ring and used them as weapons. Dirk ended up being choked out by one of the ropes. Tank Runyon put Trik Nasty through a table to become the winner of INJECTION 4.