RCW "INJECTION 7" - June 27th, 2009 - Jackson Memorial Building - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 07/04/09

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY everyone! Below you will find the overdue results from last Saturday's Injection 7. The fans of Jackson braved the heat and packed the Memorial Building once again for a night that will not soon be forgotten. Eugene was on hand not to mention a stellar 7th annual Rumble. Here's what happened:


The night began with Da Rydas (Juggulator & JD Santos) taking on another team that the Mastermind brought in to destroy the group. This time The Mastermind recruited the high flying, yet cocky, Day Brothers (David & Shawn Day). Santos and Juggulator proved to everyone why Da Rydas reunited. They are one of the most formible groups in the history of RCW. Da Rydas pinned The Day Brothers and are in line for a shot at the RCW World Tagteam Titles come August 29th in Jackson. Will Onyx and Ace Gigolo be injury free or will they have to forfeit the titles?

The 8-man tagteam bout was next as Flash Fury, Chad Cruise, Nikki Tyler, and Otto Van Boogiemeister faced Jock Samson, Brian Cross, Keith Hamblin, and Heavy Metal. Both teams stayed even throughout until rules got thrown out the window and we had an 8-man brawl. Chad Cruise outsmarted Samson and Cross and got the win for his team.

A Wrestling Career was at stake in the next bout. "Livewire" Chris Smith and Randy "The King" Allen have a storied history together. So much was on the line in this bout. Smith seemed to have the match won at one point but after Referee Steve Hephenstien was knocked down the tide changed. Smith bouced back though but Allen caught him off guard with a small package for the win. Chris Smith was to retire but Mastermind came out and said that Chris had one chance to stick around. If he won the Rumble the retirement rule could not be enforced until Chris lost again. Chris vowed to win the Rumble.

Exotic E came out with Tyson Rogers and Vance Desmond and bribed Tank Runyon to referee the match with Dirk Extreme their way. Dirk came out and tried to talk some sense into Runyon but Runyon took the money anyway. Eugene then came out and tried to bribe Tank with monopoly money. Eugene asked who Vance was and as Vance was about to answer Eugene cut him off with a Rock Impersonation of "it doesn't matter what your name is!". This set Vance off and their match was set.

Vance Desmond defeated Eugene after an excellent bout that saw the former WWE star nearly capture the RCW North American Title. Referee John Reuben got laid out and Exotic E and Tyson took advantage. Eugene took care of E and Tyson but Vance knocked out the superstar with the hammer and got the win to the shock of the Jackson fans.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme retained the RCW World Title against Tyson Rogers. Tank Runyon seemed to side with Rogers throughout the match but finally stepped up and knocked Exotic E out and made the count for Extreme. Tank walked out with pride and extra money intact.

The Mastermind then brought out former RCW Commissioner and Fan Favorite "Loony" Mike Horton who hasn't been seen for over 6 months in RCW. Loony thought he was there to referee the 7th Annual Rumble but Mind instead made Loony take pictures at intermission with Eugene and the fans. Loony was glad to help out but it was easy to see that Mind does not appreciate the value of Horton to the company

The 7th Annual Injection Rules Rumble had many moments. During the Rumble Eugene entered with hammer in hand and chased Vance out of the ring. Eugene eliminated himself and we thought Desmond. Also in the Rumble Hollie Wood was a special entrant. It seemed as if Allen was taunting her. Chris Smith came to her aid as he entered the Rumble. Hollie gave Chris a low blow as Allen eliminated him to solidify his retirement. Smith reentered and eliminated both Allen and Hollie before saying goodbye. The Final 4 were Flash Fury vs Chad Cruise vs Jock Samson vs Nikki Tyler when then Samson pinned Tyler. After the pin Samson was no match for a combined force of Cruise and Fury who both put Samson in a submission and made him tapout leaving the final 2 as Fury and Cruise.....or so we thought. Fury and Cruise went after one another when Vance Desmond returned to the ring and knocked both out with a hammer. Mastermind came out and told the referees that since Desmond never went over the top rope he was still officially still in the Rumble so the Submission Final 3 Rules would be back in effect. Desmond put the already knocked out Cruise in a Crossface and the referees declared Cruise unable to continue. The Final 2 were Vance Desmond and Flash Fury. Fury looked to be out as Desmond grabbed a table. Desmond went to powerbomb Fury off the top rope through the table but Flash backdropped Desmond onto the table. Flash then climbed on top of the table with Desmond and gave Desmond a piledriver breaking the table and earning Flash Fury the WIN for the 7th Annual Injection Rumble.

After the match, fan favorites celebrated with Flash. Kenny Young asked Flash if he knew what match he wanted yet. Flash said he wants to face his friend Dirk Extreme for the RCW World Title on August 29th in Jackson. "American Idol" said it would be his honor.

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