RCW "INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT '09" - September 19th, 2009 - St. Mary's International Festival - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 09/26/09

RCW International Incident was once again one of the highlights of the St. Mary's International Festival. Fans gathered on 5th St. to witness RCW's 7th visit to the Festival. Here's what went down:

The night began with a match between Heavy Metal and Nikki Tyler. Tyler seemed to have Metal beat but Heavy Metal used some CHEAP TRICKs that he was taught by "Bad News" Keith Hamblin to pick up the win. Tyler was livid and vowed revenge on Heavy Metal.

The Mastermind made it seem as if LOONY would be the special referee for the RCW World Title Match but instead once again demeaned Horton and made him the Time Keeper for the match.

RCW World Heavyweight Champion Flash Fury and "American Idol" Dirk Extreme fought to a No Contest due to the interference of Exotic E. Fury hit a Frogsplash that may have been the end of the match or may not have, we'll never know. Exotic E smashed the heel of his shoe into the head of both Fury and Extreme. Mike "Loony" Horton who was at the Timekeepers table rushed the ring and attacked E. Loony had E in the CLAW! Tank Runyon came into the ring and separated Loony from E. Runyon then attacked Loony. Tank announced that he was still with the "E" family and said that no one was getting a shot at Flash's Title until Vance Desmond got a shot at it first because Desmond in their eyes is destined to be the next RCW World Heavyweight Champion. Extreme and Fury came to and chased Runyon and E out of the ring.

The Mastermind was about to announce the RCW World Tagteam Title Match when Randy "The King" Allen and Hollie Wood approached the ring. Randy wanted a title shot tonight. Mastermind informed him that was impossible. Randy didn't care which title and then offered a bargaining tool. He and Hollie had stumbled across the mysterious bag that Mastermind is always carrying that holds information on RCW's Owner The Phoenix. Mind agreed to take Ace out of the Tagteam Title match and replace him with Randy if Randy returned the bag. The crowd wanted the bag open and the mystery revealed but Randy Allen chose to reward himself instead of the fans. Mind was now back in control of the bag but Ace Gigolo was highly upset. He didn't come to the festival to not beat someone up. He demanded to face anybody. Judas Thorn hit the ring. IOU and Allen attacked him right away. St. Mary's own Father Ted came across the PA and stated that he was in control of the Festival and that he ordered Onyx and Allen back to the locker room. Ted would keep and eye on The Mastermind.

Ace Gigolo got a match as he wished but no one thinks he wished for THIS match. Ace used The Mastermind on the outside to help him but Mind was quickly chased off via Father Ted. Judas Thorn took over on Ace and got the win on his first match back in over 6 months.

Da Rydas (Trik Nasty & The Juggulator) retained the RCW World Tagteam Titles against Randy "The King" Allen & "The Black Superman" Onyx. Onyx was knocked outside the ring and Allen was left alone to be taken out by Nasty and Juggulator. Onyx started to hit the ring with a chair in hand but was stopped by Judas Thorn who battled with Onyx to the back.