INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT '08 - September 20th, 2008 - St. Mary's International Festival, Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 9/25/2008

St. Mary's International Festival was a BIG HIT this year and it's no secret that RCW's International Incident '08 played a big part in the festival attraction. The Mastermind dropped a bombshell stating that he was the new acting Commissioner while Mike "Loony" Horton is out. Horton could be out indefinitely. Everyone on the Roster is having a hard time believing this but strangely enough, we have not heard so much as a peep from The Board of Directors or The Phoenix. The Mastermind on the other hand has been barking orders left and right to everyone on the staff here at Hopefully we can find more out about this situation at this Saturday at Northwest Middle School.

Onyx defeated Tank Runyon to retain the RCW World Title with help from the Mastermind. Trik Nasty, Dirk Extreme, Flash Fury, and Father Ted came to Runyon's rescue as it looked like the Unholy Alliance was going to rip Runyon to shreds. After the ring was cleared Runyon shoved Extreme down and left the ring frustrated.

Randy "The King" Allen and "Livewire" Chris Smith w/ Hollie Wood defeated the RCW debut of "Bad News" Keith & Pete Hamblin. The new duo did not go unnoticed though as they stole the tagteam titles and left with them. These two teams will battle again next week at Northwest.

Wes Cannon defeated Tyson Rogers in a North American Title Tournament Qualifying Match. Tyson and RangerBob couldn't believe it as Cannon was always perceived by them to be the weak link of the Weapons of Mass Destruction. Was it a fluke win? Cannon says he doesn't care what they think, he's now in the tournament.

Flash Fury, Trik Nasty, Dirk Extreme, & St. Mary's own Father Ted defeated Ace Gigolo, Juggulator, Judas Thorn, and The Mastermind when Father Ted pinned The Mastermind. After the match the Unholy Alliance attacked Father Ted and left him beaten senseless. Tank Runyon returned the favor from earlier and helped the fan favorites out. A match was signed for Jackson's Uncivil Wargames.... Onyx, Ace Gigolo, Judas Thorn, Juggulator VS Tank Runyon, Trik Nasty, Flash Fury, and Dirk Extreme inside a STEEL CAGE on 11/1 in Jackson, OH!