FULL CIRCLE VI: 6th Anniversary Mega-Event - December 6th, 2008 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 12/12/2008

RCW Full Circle 6 is now in the history books. A New RCW World Heavyweight Champion was crowned, A superstar's career was retired, and a return was made. It was truly a magical night at the Elk's City Lodge in Portsmouth. RCW would like to thank the fans that braved the weather just to see RCW's 6th Anniversary Extravaganza. Results are below:

The night began with RCW's WWWWWorld Famous Ring Announcer Kenny Young introducing FC6 DVD Commentators RangerBob and Tyson Rogers to their table. The first match of the night would be for the RCW North American Title and Flash Fury would pick "Loony" Mike Horton as the special guest referee.

Vance Desmond defeated Flash Fury to retain the RCW North American Championship after Exotic E and Tank Runyon interfered in the match on Desmond's behalf. It seems the 3 had been in an alliance for months unbeknownst to anyone else. Loony was knocked cold during the bout. Referee John Reuben came to the ring after Desmond, Runyon, and E had done their damage. Desmond got the win and then the 3 proceeded to beat Flash and Loony. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme ran to the ring and got his hands on Tank. Desmond came from behind. They then proceeded to hit Extreme in the ribs with a hammer. Trik Nasty, Chris Smith, and Randy Allen ran out to stop the assault. Extreme had to be assisted to the back.

"Bad News" Keith Hamblin defeated Wes Cannon. Lots of power and agility displayed by Hamblin who even performed a moonsault from the 2nd rope. Wes Cannon seemed to be off of his gameplan. There were moments when it looked like Cannon may be the victor but the experience paid off for Hamblin.

"The Black Superman" Onyx and Ace Gigolo were surprised when "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon announced his "Mystery Tagteam Partner" as Nikki Tyler. Tyler has been absent from an RCW ring for nearly 9 months. Tyler showed no ring rust and took it to the duo along with Cannon. Gigolo and Onyx had The Mastermind in their corner who seemed to be the difference maker as his cane came into play taking out Cannon and allowing the Unholy Alliance members to pick up the win. They went on to state how they were the greatest team in RCW. Mastermind then had an announcement about the next match.....The Casket/Retirement Match.

"Your Reality" C.O. Hustler could not make it to the show due to the weather. They were still putting his career on the line though in the Casket Match against Trik Nasty. Trik Nasty's opponent would not be one man. He would have to face Ace Gigolo and Onyx in a handicap match right now. The odds were against Nasty. This match was definitely candidate for Match of Night as Trik Nasty fought hard to save his career. The casket eventually ended up in the ring and was used as a weapon. In the end Nikki Tyler came to the assist of Trik Nasty and distracted Onyx while Nasty was able to put Gigolo in the Casket and get the win thus retiring "Your Reality" C.O Hustler from the professional wrestling.

The RCW World Tagteam Titles were defended in an elimination bout. "The Livewire" Chris Smith was eliminated first and the odds were stacked against The Legacy recapturing the belts from The Gods. Allen was able to roll up The Juggulator to bring the match to a one on one encounter between Randy Allen and Judas Thorn. Allen hit his big elbow from the top but Thorn kicked out and dominated Allen to pin him in the ring and retain the RCW World Tagteam Titles.

"The American Idol" Dirk Extreme pinned Tank Runyon in the middle of the Steel Cage to become a 2x RCW World Heavyweight Champion. The match began with Runyon not letting Extreme into the cage. Dirk would climb the cage causing Runyon to do the same. The battle began at the top. Later in the match Tank would constantly go to the ribs and head of Extreme. After being busted open it seemed Runyon had the bout won but Dirk would not stay down. Desmond and E got involved but Flash Fury did a dive off of the cage thus ejecting them from the match. Both referees Steve Hephenstein and John Reuben were knocked out. "Loony" Mike Horton came to the ring and made the final count to award "The American Idol" the RCW World Heavyweight Championship.