FULL CIRCLE 4: 4TH ANNIVERSARY SHOW - December 2nd, 2006
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 12/4/2006

Full Circle 4 Results: FC4 started off with "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme singing. Extreme was not singing up to par on this night and we came to find out that Tyson Rogers and Chuck Chronic had something to do with this as they put something in Extreme's drink earlier in the night. Dirk Extreme defeated Tyson Rogers via crucifix turned into a sunset flip. After the match Chronic and Rogers attacked Extreme until Rocky Rich made the save. Rich and Extreme partied in the crowd to Fergie's "London Bridge".

Tommy Chill tried to keep the peace between DDK and Slammin' Sammy in his quest for the TV Title. It seems that it was all a setup as DDK actually slipped Sammy the Title for him to hit Tommy with. Sammy picked up the win and retained the TV Title via pinfall and then proceeded to take off the helmet and goggles. He was even wearing false teeth! It seems that Sammy has been fooling everyone in his life but we will have to wait and see on this one.

Vile and Ricochet battled it out next. Mastermind and Arion had words for each other. Lord Arion told Ricochet that he would be forgiven for his deeds in Jackson if he took care of Vile. Vile overpowered Ricochet and came out on top in the end. After the match Arion and Nadja slapped Ricochet in the face. Ricochet superkicked both Nadja and Arion. Vile and The Mastermind congratulated Ricochet after the match and 3 left together.

Dude Rock came out and tried to garner support for later in the night

Trik Nasty defeated Tank Runyon with help from C.O. Hustler and Ace Gigolo. This was a classic brutal battle that words cannot describe. Tank Runyon appeared to have Trik beat when C.O. Hustler came out and distracted the referee. Ace Gigolo slipped in behind the ref's back and took out Runyon allowing Nasty to pick up the victory. After the match Trik Nasty, Ace Gigolo, and C.O. Hustler made an announcement. They are in an alliance and have been for awhile. Trik was the person in the mask back in July who cost Tank, Dirk, and Randy the six-man match at Injection 4. Now the 3 would bury the Excalibur name and now be known as "I.O.U" It's Our Universe they proclaimed!!! Randy Allen and Ivan Koloff came to Tank's rescue.

Chuck Chronic defeated Rocky Rich with help from putting his feet on the ropes. Earlier backstage, Tyson and Chuck had worked Rich over. After the match Rich challenged Chuck to a tagteam match in Jackson on February 3rd, 2007. Tyson and Chuck VS Rocky Rich & Dirk Extreme. Rich said he had to get Dirk's permission first but he was sure he would accept. Chuck accepted.

Ivan Koloff and Randy Allen got the win over C.O. Hustler and Ace Gigolo after Koloff gave Gigolo a Russian Sickle. After the bout Trik Nasty headed to ringside but Tank chased Nasty away with a chair.

In one of the most exciting bouts in RCW history, Flash Fury & Nikki Tyler defeated Projekt Ego (Juggulator & Aaron Draven) in a LADDER MATCH. We don't want to give too much away on this one, so be sure to check it out on the 2 hour TV Special or on the FC4 DVD.

Ranger Bob had the crowd vote on the Commissionership by a show of hands. Loony Referee, Mike Horton, was clearly voted by the people as the winner over Dude Rock. Rock however stated that he had the power to overturn that decision and then proceeded to badger the fans. THE PHOENIX came to the ring and relieved Rock of his duties and acknowledged Dude as the NEW COMMISSIONER OF RCW!!! The celebration began with Loony kicking Dude out of the ring and celebrating with many wrestlers in the back.

IVAN KOLOFF spoke about his beliefs and shared many heart felt stories with the fans.