FINAL COUNTDOWN - November 15th, 2008 - Old Otway School - Otway, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 11/22/2008

On November 15th in Otway, OH the Final Countdown to FC6 was well on the way. Here's what you missed:

The night began with The Unholy Alliance (minus Commissioner, The Mastermind) interrupting RCW Ring Announcer Kenny Young. Ace Gigolo told everyone that tonight They were in charge. Tank Runyon interrupted and proceeded to tell the fans off in the process. Randy Allen, Chris Smith, Flash Fury, and Dirk Extreme came to ringside. Dirk and Tank went after each other. Ace ordered that a scheduled Battle Royal begin. Nobody listened to his supposed authority until he offered incentive. The winner of the Battle Royal would get to pick their choice of a Special Guest Referee at FC6 in their match.

The Battle Royal came down to Flash Fury, Keith Hamblin, and Ace Gigolo. Flash Fury outsmarted the two and won the Battle Royal and now has his pick of a referee for his match against Vance Desmond at FC6

During the Battle Royal The Murder City Devil Bryan Cross and Cole Cash eliminated "The Black Superman" Onyx. Therefore, Onyx and Ace Gigolo made the following match...Bryan Cross VS Cole Cash. Gigolo tried to turn the team against one another. It may have worked because the two went at it tooth and nail Cole Cash was able to pick up the win over his partner.

Keith Hamblin got a measure of revenge for his loss at Uncivil War against Wes Cannon. Cannon went after Hamblin like never before but emotions caught the best of him and Hamblin capitalized for the win.

"The American Idol" Dirk Extreme defeated long time nemesis Ace Gigolo and making a clear statement that he is ready for Tank Runyon at FC6 inside the STEEL CAGE. After the bout Tank Runyon attacked Extreme before Dirk was able to sing.

"The Black Superman" Onyx and Trik Nasty went to war again. Nasty was making a huge comeback when Ace Gigolo interfered. The two pounced on Trik causing a DQ. They then delivered a message from C.O. Hustler. Once to his feet, Trik Nasty said he wanted Hustler in a Retirement Match at FC6.

The Gods, Judas Thorn and The Juggulator, recaptured the RCW World Tagteam Titles from The Legacy, "Livewire" Chris Smith and Randy "The King" Allen in a match stipulation made via cell phone by the Mastermind.......FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE! The match did indeed go anywhere and everywhere. The Gods proved to as devious as ever and after hitting Chris Smith with a fireball they put Randy Allen in a Double Submission for the win.

Tank Runyon retained the RCW World Title after a hard fought match with Flash Fury. Runyon had an ace up his sleeve as he announced his new manager before the bout, Exotic E. Exotic E was instrumental in Runyon's win. "Loony" Mike Horton was in attendance and came down to the ring to give it to Exotic E. Tank Runyon attacked Loony and was about to finish the job when Dirk Extreme and Trik Nasty came to the rescue. Dirk and Tank had their last words before entering the STEEL CAGE on 12/6/08 at FC6 in Portsmouth, OH.