RCW "The Revolution is HERE!" - October 9th, 2015 - Chillicothe, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 10/09/2015

RCW CHILLICOTHE RESULTS: Thanks to Chillicothe for putting out the welcome mat for RCW this past Friday. The Revolution IS here! RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme introduced the show and brought out Ring Announcer, "Loony" Mike Horton to get things started.

Trik Nasty defeated Otto in the first bout which was an exciting matchup. We saw a brand new Otto that is intriguing to say the least. Otto has apparently had a change of heart when it comes to trying to win over the hearts of wrestling fans. We will be seeing more of both in the future.

Tommy Chill won the Fatal 4-way against Jason Legend, Corey Mason, and Duke Beefhammer. It is clear that Beefhammer and Mason still have some unfinished business. Legend may have come back to the ring too soon as his injury seems to have reoccurred. Tommy Chill continues his winning ways.

James Avery interrupted Loony and let Chillicothe know that he would be the new RCW Heavyweight Champion later in the night when he defeats Onyx. He was also there to let everyone know of Bruce Grey's injury which would prevent him from tagging with Flash Fury later to take on The Hickey's for the RCW Tagteam Titles. RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme came out and clarified that Bruce Grey did indeed suffer a concussion but Flash would not be without a partner. Flash Fury came out and Dirk announced that he would team with Fury later.

Jock Samson and Cyrus Poe had a brawl that ended up seeing the Presidential hopeful outsmart Jock. Poe went to use Samson's cowbell but Samson grabbed it instead and used it to get revenge for Poe putting him out earlier in the year. The referee DQ'd Samson and gave the win to Cyrus Poe.

The Hickey's Boys retained the RCW Tagteam Titles against Flash Fury and Dirk Extreme when First Class member Brandon Fields interfered costing them the match.

With help once again from FIRST CLASS....James Avery apparently won the RCW Heavyweight Title from "The Black Superman" Onyx......BUT because of the past interference in the previous match there were more eyes on the match. Dirk Extreme brought out Referee Steve Helphenstein who informed Referee John Reuben of what happened. The match was restarted and ONYX retained the RCW Heavyweight TItle after putting First Class out of action.

"Relentless" Ron Mathis finally achieved single's gold in RCW when he defeated Devlin Anderson for the RCW North American Title. Mathis was in front of his hometown crowd who cheered him on to victory. Anderson demanded a rematch at Uncivil War on November 14th in Jackson.......Mathis accepted but upped the stipulation to a CAGE MATCH! RCW Officials agreed.

Special Thanks to The Chillicothe Academy of Mixed Martial Arts, Mike's Gym on Paint Street, Kenny Young's Pro Mobile DJ Service, and Domino's on Western Ave.!