Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 4/9/2006

Carnival of Chaos has come and gone as we now look forward to 4/15/06 "NO LIMITS" in Ashland, KY. Surprises and title changes surrounded Carnival of Chaos.....

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme & Slammin' Sammy armed with water guns singing "Ghostbusters" defeated Ace Gigolo & Joshua Diago (Formerly JD Escalade).

Flash Fury defeated "Beautiful" Bobby L for a shot at Judas Thorn on 4/15/06. Afterwards, Nikki Tyler and Chuck Chronic took their frustrations out on Bobby L for not having the Internet Title defended at the RCW training center where it is meant to be.

Disciples of the Coven (Ricochet & Teijo Kahn) beat Tyson Rogers & El Nino. Rogers was so disappointed with El Nino's intoxication that he left him in the ring to fend for himself.

Tommy Chill became the new TV Champion after defeating C.O. Hustler. Hustler thought he had won the match but the Loony Referee came to the ring and overturned the decision and restarted the match. After a chokeslam RCW had a new TV Champion!!!!

Projekt Ego (Juggulator & Aaron Draven) with ED CROWZA won the KEY TO THE GOLD 2 Match as they opened the trunk to defeat Tank Runyon and Trik Nasty to win the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES.

Judas Thorn retained the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE as he defeated Randy Allen. After the match, the lights went out again. This time, when they came back on The Mastermind was in the ring with the first member of the new ARMY OF DARKNESS.....former RCW WORLD CHAMPION MAXX POWER!!! Power and Thorn went toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring. Lord Arion quickly got Judas out of the ring and out of the building.