ALL SHOOK UP - March 15th, 2008 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 3/16/2008

Last Saturday night RCW fans were definitely ALL SHOOK UP as the HONKY TONK MAN shake, rattled, and rolled as only he can. A near sellout crowd (more seating was brought in than previous shows) witnessed another great RCW event. Special Thanks to Century 21 Empire Realty, Lute Supply, Domino's Pizza, Front Row Video, and Castle Comics for making this event possible. Here are the results:


A video package showing the Portsmouth fans what happened last month in Jackson played. The Commissioner Mike "Loony" Horton was brought to the ring by RCW Ring Announcer Kenny Young. Horton brought JD Santos to the ring and told him that Vance Desmond could not make the event due to illness. Santos was still required to put his Lethal Lottery Ticket on the line though as it was advertised that way. Santos's opponent was them named. Wes Cannon made his way to the ring with Ranger Bob and Tyson Rogers.

JD Santos defeated Wes Cannon with a Standing Shooting Star Press. Cannon looked strong throughout the bout but Santos came out on top. After the bout Santos said that in Otway on April 5th he would still like to put his Lethal Lottery Ticket on the line against Vance Desmond. Santos then had some words for Ace Gigolo. Santos introduced "American Idol" Dirk Extreme to the ring.

Extreme came out singing Elvis's "Little Less Conversation". When he was done, I.O.U. made their way to ringside. It looked as if an ambush was imminent but Extreme beat them to the punch. Numbers quickly caught up with him and I.O.U. had the upper hand. The Honky Tonk Man made the save nearly connecting his guitar with I.O.U. members.

"The Livewire" Chris Smith and Randy "The King" Allen reluctantly were forced to face each other due to a previous order from the Board of Directors that was prompted by BOD Member Dude Rock. The two had a hard fought match. The Gods (Judas Thorn & The Juggulator) came to ringside during the bout. They tried to get Allen to cheat and use the Tagteam Title to hit Smith. Randy threw the belt back at them but was caught by Chris Smith when he turned around. Chris Smith then pinned Allen but unbeknownst to either of them (we think) or the referee, Allen was also being held down by The GODs. After the match Allen explained what happened to Smith who tried to apologize.

Next up was the Inter-Gender Match. Ranger Bob had the WOMD by his side. Hollie Wood said she also had some people to watch her back. She first brought out RCW WORLD CHAMPION, Tank Runyon. Then she said she had someone that new the WOMD very well. She introduced CHUCK CHRONIC to the ring for an emotional return to ringside. During the bout Tank chased Tyson to the back and Chuck took care of Cannon. Hollie brought the fight to Ranger Bob and knocked him out with an X-Factor (tribute to Chronic) and got the win. After the match Chronic gave an emotional speech thanking the fans for their letters, emails, and donations.

The GODS (Judas Thorn and The Juggulator) would have their hands full and titles on the line against former champions Flash Fury and Nikki Tyler. Tyler & Fury gave it everything they had and showed the crowd why they are one of the most exciting tagteams out there today. Judas Thorn displayed power throughout while The Juggulator was the master manipulator. In the end Tyler was pinned. Fury was thrown into the ring after the bout and pummeled. Tyler left his partner without looking back. It wasn't clear whether Tyler knew Flash was being attacked or not. However Chris Smith and Randy Allen were watching from the back and ran out to make the save. After some back and forth bantering between Gods and Smith and Allen....Chris Smith decided to cash in his Lethal Lottery Ticket for a match for the Tagteam Titles tonight! The Commissioner came out and made it so and said the match would take place after intermission.

A video played of Trik Nasty's eminent Return!

The Gods defeated Chris Smith and Randy Allen by DQ when Juggulator brought one of the Tagteam Titles into the ring to use. Allen caught Juggulator and took the belt and used it himself. The referee saw Allen use the belt and DQ'd the team. Chris Smith put his hand on Allen's shoulder and an already hot Allen on the offense turned around and clocked Smith cold with the title. Allen immediately went to Smith's aid claiming it to be an accident. Judas Thorn and The Juggulator retained the Gold and it is not know whether Smith or Allen will get another shot or even where they stand with each other still.

RCW's first FLAG MATCH was next and it was for the RCW WORLD TITLE. To win the match it was announced that you had to capture your opponents flag and break it. During the bout the referee got knocked down. Runyon captured Rogers flag, but Wes Cannon and Ranger Bob (now sporting a neck brace) interfered. They placed the flag back in place. Tyson Rogers nearly captured Runyon's USA flag but was stopped by Runyon. In the end Tank Runyon would retain the RCW WORLD TITLE by capturing the Iraq flag and breaking it on Tyson himself.

The Honky Tonk Man and American Idol Dirk Extreme were up next in the Main Event against I.O.U.'s Ace Gigolo and Onyx. Onyx and Gigolo garnered control over Extreme and nearly got the win. In the end all 4 were going at it. Exotic E slid the guitar into the ring for Onyx to use. HTM stopped him and busted the guitar on top of Onyx's head. The guitar was so hard that it did not break. Extreme then tossed Gigolo into the ring while still keeping the ref distracted on the outside. HTM hit Gigolo with the guitar this time busting the instrument to pieces. HTM got rid of the evidence and The referee re-entered the ring to make the 3 count. HTM and American Idol celebrated but not before Extreme gave Exotic E the "Shake, Rattle, & Roll". They then proceeded to embarrass E by stripping his shirt off of him. HTM then sang for the fans to end a great show.