RCW: "Voiles Fundraiser" - May 8th, 2010 - Jackson Memorial Building - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 05/24/2010

RCW was proud to help out the Voiles Family on May 8th. We were able to raise funds to help send James Voiles to the Youth Olympics in Austria. A great card took place with some surprises and fantastic matches. Here's what went down on May 8th:

Kenny Young started the show off with tonight's commentators, RangerBob and Former RCW World Heavyweight Champion, Vance Desmond who was suffering from a concussion following last weeks loss to New Champion Judas Thorn.

Jock Samson was set to take on a Mystery Opponent. Samson bragged that it didn't matter as he would retain the RCW North American Title against whoever because he still have "JOCK's RULES". RCW President, Al Snow came on the video screen and told Jock that his "Rules" would no longer apply. Al then introduced his opponent....a reinstated JD Santos. Santos and Samson battled but without Jock's "Rules", Santos was able to get revenge and get back his RCW North American Title. New Champion: JD Santos.

New RCW World Tagteam Champions, Metal Mayhem (Keith Hamblin & Heavy Metal) took on former Champions Ace Gigolo & Tyson Rogers. Metal Mayhem were surprisingly fan favorites amongst the Jackson crowd. It must have paid off because Gigolo and Tyson had issues with each other and with the crowd support MM retained.

Chad Cruise defeated RCW newcomer "Relentless" Ron Mathis. Mathis put up a good although dirty fight, but Cruise fought his way to victory.

"Captivating" Corey Mason won a Battle Royale to determine the #20 Entrant into this years Injection Rumble. Mason hid under the ring for the duration of the Battle Royale until he seen opportunity. Mason dumped out Bryan Cross and Ace Gigolo who were fighting on the apron.

Exotic E and "Loony" Mike Horton had a heated discussion in the ring pertaining to Vance Desmond amongst other things. The two ended up brawling. Trik Nasty, Juggulator, Onyx, and Ace Gigolo managed to get them apart but then Onyx and Trik Nasty began brawling. Judas Thorn came out and told his 2 opponents later in the night to same it for the RCW WORLD TITLE MATCH.

"Freebird" Bryan Cross exacted some revenge on "Captivating" Corey Mason who dumped him out of the Battle Royale. Cross got the win, making him 2-0 against Mason.

Kenny Young went to interview 15 year old, James Voiles about his upcoming journey. He was interrupted by "American Idol" Dirk Extreme who got into a heated discussion with Voiles. Juggulator came out for he and Extreme's match. The 2 battled in and out of the ring. Juggulator gave Dirk his own move, "The Mic Check", but Extreme pulled referee John Reuben under him. Extreme got a chair and through it to the Juggulator. Dirk fell to the ground so that when the referee turned around he had no choice but to DQ Juggulator. Dirk was gloating after the match but turned around into a soccer ball to the groin area thrown by Voiles. Extreme was then laid out by The Juggulator.

Judas Thorn retained the RCW World Heavyweight Title in a Classic Triple Threat Match against 2 very tough opponents and Former Champions. Trik Nasty and "The Black Superman" Onyx. All 3 went to war for the top prize in RCW but only Thorn came out victorious.