RCW: "UNCIVIL WAR 2010" - November 13th, 2010 - Old Otway School - Otway, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 11/15/2010

RCW "UNCIVIL WAR 2010" proved to be a just that a WAR! A Title Change, a surprise, and RCW Ring Announcer, Kenny Young in the Main Event…...This is what happened at UNCIVIL WAR 2010:


The night started out with WRESTLEOHIO's Mastermind & Sara interrupting RCW Ring Announcer Kenny Young. Mind stated that neither Loony nor RCW President Al Snow were here tonight so that put him in charge. Mind said that he gave his guys (Nikita Allanov & Max Power) the night off. Last night they took care of Onyx on their own time so their work was done. Juggulator and "American Idol" Dirk Extreme came to ring upset that their "partners" were now off for the night. Judas Thorn and Trik Nasty then came to the ring and wanted to know what happened to Onyx. "Loony" Mike Horton then came out to everyone's surprise and made a huge announcement. Each team would get to pick a 3rd person from tonight's roster to be on their team. The 4th member, he would pick. He put Mastermind on Juggulator and Extreme's team while keeping it fair and putting a non-wrestler on the other team, he chose the man that WRESTLEOHIO beat down last show…..Kenny Young. Mastermind was not happy. The match for team control for Uncivil Wargames was then made as Dirk Extreme would face Judas Thorn for the RCW World Title.

Judas Thorn retained the RCW World Title and won team control for his team during the UNCIVIL WARGAMES match. Extreme tried to use the Mastermind's cane for a second time during the match but was stopped by Trik Nasty. Thorn then powerbombed Extreme for the win.

"Captivating" Corey Mason's had 2 different opponents scheduled but due to conflicts neither JD Santos nor Ricky Lee Stonerock could make the match….but one man came out of retirement to take on Mason. Former RCW Commissioner and former RCW Extreme Division Champion, Dude Rock came out to the ring in full attire. Unfortunately for Rock, the time out of the ring proved to be too much as Mason showed why he may be one to look out for in 2011.

Tyson Rogers wasn't going to let Chuck Chronic make a fool of him again. Last time Rogers had chances to pin Chronic but didn't take them. THis time around Tyson wanted to prove a point. Tyson won the bout but Chronic showed he was a good adversary. Rogers attempted to punish Chuck after the match with a chair but RangerBob stopped him. Chronic then got the chair and chased Rogers out of the ring. This isn't over between these two.

Randy "The King" Allen became the NEW RCW NORTH AMERICAN CHAMPION after defeating Flash Fury by very questionable means. Juggulator and Dirk Extreme interfered on Allen's behalf. Extreme and Allen hit their old "Excalibur" finisher on Fury thus Allen becoming Champion. Seems a deal was made where Allen would join Juggulator, Dirk Extreme, and The Mastermind in the Uncivil Wargames match if they helped him win the North American Title. Fury was furious to say the least. Trik Nasty and Judas Thorn came to the ring and Flash asked to join their team and it became official.

The RCW World Tagteam Champions, Metal Mayhem (Keith Hamblin & Heavy Metal) retained the titles against Adrenaline X (Devon Maximus & Ron Mathis). X took it to the champs. Many thought we were going to have new champions but the fan favorites pulled through and came out victorious. After the match Adrenaline X offered a hand shake and Metal Mayhem reluctantly accepted. Teams parted with a new respect for one another.

The Uncivil Wargames Match was next. Juggulator and Trik Nasty started out first. Rest of entrants were in the following order: 3. Randy Allen 4. Flash Fury 5. Dirk Extreme 6. Kenny Young 7. The Mastermind This match took place all over the building. In the end Kenny Young and Mastermind were left in the ring. Mind tried to escape but Loony threw him back into the ring where Kenny Young chopped Mastermind in the head and finished him with a BIG SPLASH to get the win.