RCW: UNCIVIL WAR 2016 - Nov. 5th, 2016 - West Portsmouth, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/01/2017


It was nearly a full house at RCW's Uncivil War last night at The Complex! Here is what went down:

Ron Mathis, Juggulator, Flash Fury and Tommy Chill defeated the team of Trik Nasty, Aaron Williams, Christopher Otto and Vance Desmond. IOU did a number on Mathis at the end. Williams left the ring and closely followed by Trik Nasty who allowed Mathis to get under his skin quick enough for Mathis to hit a RonKO and escape the cage for the win. After the Wargames match, Williams cashed in his Injection 14 win and demanded an immediate cage match for the North American Title against Ron Mathis. IOU beat Mathis senseless, throwing him back into the cage. Chill, Fury and Juggulator chased the others away but the damage was done. Mathis put up a fight, but the longest reigning North American Champion lost his title to Aaron Williams.

Cyrus Poe continued his campaign but was interrupted by Tank Runyon. They were to wrestle later in the night but the two upped the prize....If Poe wins, Tank would allow his head to be shaved bald and kiss the feet of Poe. If Tank won Poe would have to cut off his beard and drop the Presidential campaign.

Onyx defeated Sid The Gladiator who looked impressive on his RCW return.

Daniel Winchester with help from Brandon Fields beat James "The Baker" Hickey. Patrick tried to help his brother but may have accidentally played into the hands of Winchester. James was not happy with his brother.

Duke Beefhammer narrowly defeated Nathaniel Rose. Afterwards Beefhammer asked Rose to become his tagteam partner. The crowd cheered for Rose to accept. Rose said he would think about it.

Brandon Fields had a back and forth war with Patrick Hickey but Winchester again was the deciding factor in Fields picking up the win. James Hickey was no where to be seen until after the match. He and his brother argued to the back.

Tank Runyon and Cyrus Poe battled all over The Complex. Runyon was able to roll-up the big man and get the win. Poe had his beard cut and his campaign was no more.