RCW "UNCIVIL WAR 2015" - November 14th, 2015 - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 12/18/2015

WHAT A NIGHT OF ACTION! Uncivil War was an explosive event that saw blood shed and title changes. It was a packed house at the Jackson YMCA. Here are the results:

The team of Bruce Grey, Randy Allen, Flash Fury, and Duke Beefhammer defeated James Avery, The Hickey's, and Darin Dinero in the 8-man UNCIVIL WARGAMES Steel Cage Match. Afterwards it appears that First Class has disbanded or fired their leader, James Avery.

Ron Mathis retained the RCW North American Championship in Steel cage bloodbath. Anderson put the hurt on Mathis who suffered arm lacerations. Mathis fought back and retained via pinfall in the cage.

Cyrus Poe was ordered to face Papa Dingo who had defeated him at a recent event. The Presidential hopeful had a surge in the polls as he got the win over Dingo.

Trik Nasty and Otto had their 2nd battle. Otto has clearly changed his ways and turned his back on the fans. It appears to be working for him as he had a surprising win over Nasty.

Dirk Extreme brought back "The American Idol" as he sang to the crowd for the first time in years. Extreme and Crosshairs Kelly went toe-to-toe. Naughtia was in Kelly's corner. Extreme seemed down and out but scored a unexpected pinfall to win the bout. DDK came to the ring and attacked Dirk along with Kelly and Naughtia until Onyx made the save.

In the most shocking ending in recent RCW History.....DDK became the NEW RCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION as he defeated "The Black Superman" Onyx. Crosshairs Kelly and Naughtia should be congratulated as well as they were instrumental in his win. Dirk Extreme came out and made the first match for RCW's 13th Anniversary Show. DDK vs Onyx for the RCW Heavyweight Title. DDK would be allowed to be cornered by both Kelly and Naughtia but Dirk will be in Onyx's corner. Full Circle XIII takes place January 9th at the YMCA in Jackson!

Thanks to everyone for making this a fantastic show!