RCW "UNCIVIL WAR 2012" - November 17th, 2012 - YMCA - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 11/19/2012

Fans are still talking about this past weekend's UNCIVIL WAR event. Pictures are available over on our Facebook by clicking HERE. A lot of matches shaped up for the upcoming Full Circle X event, some new faces, and violence in the cage. Who won what match???? See below: The Uncivil Wargames Cage Match STARTED the night. Randy Allen started for WrestleOhio while Eclipso started for his team. Every 2 minutes the ring filled up. TOMMY CHILL was announced as WrestleOhio's Mystery entrant! Devlin Anderson was bleeding profusely throughout the bout. Flash Fury dove off the top of the cage onto everyone. The match exciting and brutal rolled into one. In the end it came down to The Black Irish Saints (DDK & Devlin) and Tommy Chill & Tyson Rogers. Chill and Rogers thought they had it won so Chill left the cage but Rogers was caught up by The BIS who went on to beat the big man down. BIS then thought they had things won but once again Lord Arion interfered and MACED Anderson in the face. DDK did not see what happened and was knocked out of the cage by Rogers and unable to return. Rogers went on to win the match. Afterwards, DDK vowed revenge but with a twist. DDK won Injection 10 thus giving him a match of his choice. He wished to Main Event Full Circle X and go after the RCW Heavyweight Title being that he has never had a shot. He couldn't let Lord Arion keep interfering in his matches so he also put Judas Thorn in the match so he can get rid of The Coven once and for all. FULL CIRCLE X would be a 3-way with DDK vs Judas Thorn vs RCW Heavyweight Champion.

"Astonishing" Aaron Williams battle Jason "The Gift" Kincaid in what many "indy" fanatics deemed as a dream match. These two had never faced each other before and both are new to RCW. Both seemed to be wanting a fair contest but Kincaid got frustrated midway through the match and began taking liberties to the ire of the fans. Williams was able to come out on top and get the win. We hope we get to see a rematch between these two in the future here in RCW.

Here's a match that DID NOT happen. Corey Mason did not attend the event. Jimmy Malloy figured as much and went on to tell everyone how Mason was afraid to face him. Mason had asked for this match and not shown up. Malloy wanted someone (anyone). Out came Chuck Chronic who RCW fans had not seen in awhile. Chronic had a bad attitude to boot. Malloy took his anger out on Chronic and walked away victorious but still wanting to get his hands on Corey Mason.

It was announced on Friday that Juggulator could not appear at Uncivil War. The North American Champion had personal matters to attend to but he sent RCW fans a replacement. Teaming up with Jason Legend to face Ron Mathis and "American Idol" Dirk Extreme would be the savage, PAPA DINGO! Mathis and Extreme could not figure out how to combat Dingo. They tried everything, including singing to the beast. Legend and Dingo came out on top after Dingo splashed Extreme with a top rope dive. After the match Mathis berated Dirk and left him in the ring. Mastermind, Sara, and Randy Allen came to the ring to tell Dirk it was time to retire. Dirk agreed that it may be time but things got heated between he and Allen. Allen attack him. Jason Legend came to the rescue. A match was made for Full Circle X. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme & Jason Legend vs WrestleOhio (Randy Allen & ?)

James Avery and Chad Cruise had great Best of 3 Falls match. Avery shocked everyone when he won the 1st fall. Keep in mind he did bend the rules slightly winning that round but won it nonetheless. The 2nd Round, Cruise was on the verge of winning when Avery hit him with the RCW Title causing a DQ. The 2nd Fall went to Cruise. Cruise was heavily injured going into the 3rd and deciding fall but once again Chad Cruise pulled out another win to prove why he is the RCW Heavyweight Champion!.