UNCIVIL WAR '08 - November 1st, 2008 - Jackson Memorial Building - Jackson, OH
Posted by: Eric Schomburge on 11/5/2008

Revolutionary Championship Wrestling returns to Jackson with UnCivil War 2008! A night of history as a new champion was crowned, the return of a fan favorite, and a cage match that would end in betrayal. Here is what took place.

UnCivil War 2008

The night started with RCW announcer Kenny Young introducing RCW Commissioner, The Mastermind. Mastermind wasn't alone as he brought his Unholy Alliance to the ring to address the Jackson crowd. The Mastermind reminded the fans that he is not only the new acting commissioner, but has been given full control of RCW by the Phoenix. Mastermind felt confident enough of his Unholy Alliance that he placed a stipulation that if the Unholy Alliance would somehow lose then Mastermind would be locked inside the cage for five minutes with Tank, Flash, Dirk, and Trik. Flash, Trik, Tank, and Dirk would arrive and address the Mastermind and the Unholy Alliance. Dirk reminded the audience that at Injection 6 he won the rumble and gets a shot at the RCW World Heavyweight Championship at Full Circle 6. A match for cage control was to take place in which one member from each team would go one on one for the luck of the draw of the cage. Tank challenged Onyx not only for cage control, but for the RCW World Heavyweight Championship! Onyx accepted. Challenger Tank Runyon took on RCW World Heavyweight Champion Onyx for cage control and the RCW World Championship. Onyx would dominate the former champion with his raw power. As the match progressed it seemed that tempers flared from both teams. Anarchy reigned inside and outside the ring as the referee lost control of the match. Meanwhile, as Mastermind was trying to sneak a win by cheating, it would be Tank Runyon fighting fire with fire as he would nail Onyx with Mastermind's cane to pick up the victory and to become the first ever three-time RCW World Heavyweight Champion. After the match, Dirk reminded Tank that they will meet at Full Circle 6.

The Murder City Devils took on the RCW debut of the Day Brothers. A contrast of styles between the speed of the Day Brothers and the strength of the Murder City Devils. The speed of the Day Brothers seemed to work for a while, but in the end the MCDs would pick up the victory.

"Bad News" Keith Hamblin took on Wes Cannon. The match was power vs. power as Wes Cannon would defeat Keith Hamblin with a roll-up pin. However, Keith wasn't done with Wes as Hamblin would try to literally break the leg of Wes Cannon with a steel chair. What does this boil for Wes come Otway? Will he be 100%? Will he seek revenge against the man that is known as "Bad News"?

RangerBob came to the ring and informed the crowd that Tyson Rogers will return eventually, but as of right now the WOMD was still conducting tryouts. This time it was a young man by the name of Max Fahrenheit. Max took on "Big Guns" Jeff Cannon. RangerBob's latest tryout didn't prove worthy as he was defeated by a crossface submission.

"Your Reality" C.O. Hustler faced off with "Livewire" Chris Smith. Hustler was accompanied to the ring by the Mastermind, and since Chris' tag-team partner, Randy Allen, wasn't present Chris wasn't alone as Hollie Wood accompanied him. With the Unholy Alliance already on a losing streak and losing the richest prize in RCW, they had a lot to prove. Chris made a gallant effort to defeat C.O. Hustler, but in the end it would be Hustler picking up the win. After the match, the Unholy Alliance were out for blood and didn't care who they had to run over just to prove their point. In this case it would be Hollie Wood. However, Trik Nasty would come to the aid of Hollie Wood and would chase Hustler back to the locker room leaving the Mastermind still inside the ring.

Mastermind would continue his tirade by expressing how he will get his revenge. Suddenly, a familiar face came to the ring, Loony was BACK! Loony confronted the Mastermind and informed the "Manager of Champions" that his services were no longer needed. The crowd erupted, but to no avail as the Mastermind reminded the fans and to Loony that he was running the show and that if Loony wanted his commissionership back that he had to fight for it. The opponent would not just be any opponent, it would be the man that put Loony in the hospital, RCW North American Champion, Vance Desmond. Loony declared that he wasn't a wrestler, but the Mastermind didn't show any sympathy for Loony as he either wrestled or he would be fired. Desmond literally toyed with Loony with his impressive arsenal of wrestling moves. Loony would pull off some surprise moves, but in the end Vance would pick up the victory. Vance was going to finish off Loony once and for all with his infamous hammer; however, the locker room would spill out as the majority of the wrestlers were sick and tired of Vance's vile antics toward Loony.

UnCivil Wargames inside a steel cage! The rules for this match were simple. One member from each team would start. A new member would enter the ring every 2 minutes to give one team a brief advantage, and since Tank defeated Onyx it would be Tank's team that would have the luck of the draw. The ONLY way to win this match is for every member to escape the cage, and NO MEMBER cannot escape the cage until ALL members have entered. The UnCivil Wargames started with "American Idol" Dirk Extreme vs. Judas Thorn. The order of the entrees were as follows. 1. Dirk. 2. Judas. 3. Flash. 4. Juggulator. 5. Trik. 6. Ace. 7. Tank. 8. Onyx. The match itself was one of the most devastating and brutal matches in Revolutionary Championship Wrestling history. Blood, sweat, and tears were shed as all 8 men put their livelihoods on the line. At one point Flash would fly from on top of the cage to land on the rest of the participants not once but TWICE! Trik Nasty would escape the cage first, but he had to land in the waiting arms of C.O. Hustler. Ace would escape second after being speared accidentally by Onyx through the cage door. Juggulator and Flash fought hard to the point that they both escaped simultaneously. Judas Thorn and Onyx argued momentarily about who would win the match for their team. Thorn finally decided to leave the cage. Dirk Extreme grabbed the leg of Onyx preventing him from escaping the cage. It would be Onyx, Tank Runyon, and Dirk Extreme. Mastermind would slide a chair in for Onyx. Onyx would try to swing at Dirk, but Tank would snatch the chair from Onyx. Tank tried to hit Onyx, but Onyx moved out of the way. Tank nearly hit Dirk, but stopped himself from doing so. However, before anyone could see it coming, Tank would BLAST Dirk in the face with the steel chair. The fans were shocked as one of the most beloved fan favorites has turned his back on his teammate. Meanwhile, Onyx escaped the cage giving the UnHoly Alliance the victory. Tank continued his onslaught as he would blast Dirk with the chair multiple times. Flash and Trik tried to come to rescue of Dirk, but Flash would also be another victim to Tank's onslaught as he received a SICK chair shot to the head nearly knocking him completely out. Tank would express his true feelings toward the RCW fans by claiming he doesn't give a damn about the fans and ONLY cares about the RCW World Championship. Tank would leave the cage, but Dirk would give Tank one last message. At Full Circle 6 it will be Dirk Extreme challenging Tank Runyon INSIDE A STEEL CAGE!