UNCIVIL WAR 2007 - November 3rd, 2007 - Jackson Memorial Building - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 11/4/2007

Many fans are calling last night's Uncivil War....."BLACK SATURDAY". Almost all of RCW's fan favorites were destroyed in some capacity last night. From the grueling 8-Man Uncivil Wargames match to the Battle Royal and beyond. The action was fierce and brutal and the Jackson fans were hot on their feet to witness Revolutionary Championship Wrestling. Here's the rundown of what happened:


Announcer David Lanning brought out the new RCW Commissioner, Exotic E. Even though Exotic E has been playing by the rules as of late, the RCW fans clearly do not like nor trust the new Commissioner. Exotic E brought out the participants in the 8-man Uncivil Wargames match and stated that he had an idea for a match to give one team the draw advantage for the night. Ace Gigolo would take on Chris Smith in a 1-on-1 match. The winner's team would then get the advantage on the draw for match later. All other members for both teams were ordered to the back.

Ace Gigolo defeated "Livewire" Chris Smith after Trik Nasty started to come to ringside distracting both the referee and the Commissioner allowing Gigolo to grab his "flex-stick" and use it on Smith thus getting the 3 count. After the match IOU attacked Smith and then Tank and the American Idol came to his rescue. Exotic E ordered the fighting to stop.

Mastermind and Ricochet confronted Onyx. Onyx sent the rest of IOU to the back saying that he would take care of the situation. Mastermind wanted to know what was up with Onyx. Was he still a member of the Army of Darkness or IOU. Ricochet was angry over the situation. Onyx hit Ricochet from behind and left him laying in the ring. Mastermind said that he was sick and tired of teams walking out on him so he was hereby quitting RCW. Mastermind walked out. Tyson Rogers, Ranger Bob, And Wes Cannon came to the ring for Tyson's match against Ricochet.

Tyson Rogers defeated Ricochet after a powerslam. Ricochet's ribs were previously injured by Onyx and Tyson capitalized. The crowd let Tyson know their thought as they covered Rogers and The WOMD in toilet paper.

An impromptu Triple Threat Match was up next. The crowd was told of the awful news regarding Chuck Chronic which rcwonline.com will cover more in depth this week. Nikki Tyler was not in attendance due to his father being in a life threatening car crash. Our thoughts and prayers go out to both Chuck Chronic and Nikki Tyler. The Triple Threat match would be The Juggulator VS Wes Cannon VS Matt Taylor with Ms. McKenzie. Taylor put up a good fight as it seemed the odds were stacked against him at times. Juggulator came out on top in this contest getting the pin on Taylor.

The Battle Royal to determine one of the people in the #1 contenders match at FC5 took place next. Exotic E said that after much investigation into the Loony-Gate situation....he believed that Mike Horton had an accomplice. That person would be entered into the Battle Royal even though this person is not a wrestler. That person was Hollie Wood. To everyone's surprise Hollie Wood did put up a good fight in the Battle Royal but in the end it came down to Tyson Rogers and his opponent earlier in the night Ricochet. Ricochet took a scary fall to the outside allowing Tyson Rogers to pick up the win and enter the #1 contenders match at FC5. Ricochet was tended to my EMTs and later cleared.

Flash Fury and Judas Thorn stole the show with an exciting match that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Fury was also accompanied by a lovely lady whose name has not yet been identified. Fury came out on top in the match via DQ when the Juggulator interfered.

The UNCIVIL WARGAMES match was a brutal contest that saw both teams in a bloody mess. The order of the draw was: 1.Tank Runyon 2.C.O. Hustler 3.Ace Gigolo 4.Onyx 5. Randy Allen 6.Trik Nasty 7.Chris Smith 8.Dirk Extreme IOU (Nasty, Gigolo, Onyx, & Hustler) got the pin over Tank after they handcuffed the other members of the opposing team allowing a 4 on 1 assault. What will happen this Saturday in Otway?????? Don't miss Final Countdown this Saturday, November 10th in Otway, OH.