RCW: "INVITATIONAL TAGTEAM CUP" - February 5th, 2011 - YMCA - Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 9/05/2009

RCW raised the bar at last nights Tagteam Cup Invitational. A spectacular tournament showcasing the best in Tag Team wrestling and more! February 5th crowned the first ever Tagteam Cup winner AND a big surprise came in Juggulator capturing the RCW World Heavyweight Title from Judas Thorn! You may be wondering how this is possible when the title wasn't scheduled to be on the line…...read below and find out how this transpired. Seems Judas Thorn has an EGO to deal with.

Kenny Young welcomed RCW fans to a packed house at the YMCA. The impressive Tag Team Cup Trophy stood in the middle of the ring. Mike "Loony" Horton explained that the winners of the tournament would get the trophy and a match of their choice. RangerBob and Ace Gigolo made their way to the commentary table and the show was under way.

The first match saw the battle of RCW's Big Men. The Gods reunited and took on the impressive duo of WRESTLEOHIO, comprised of Maxx Power and Nikita Allanov and lead by The Mastermind and Sara. WRESTLEOHIO pulled out all the stops, even jumping the Gods before the match started. In the end Maxx Power attempted to use The Mastermind's cane but RCW World Heavyweight Champion, Judas Thorn and Juggulator were one step ahead and got the victory.

The second Round 1 match was set to be Metal Mayhem taking on RCW Tag Team Champions Pretty In Pink but Keith Hamblin once again left Heavy Metal stranded. A once prominent team seems to be deteriorating in RCW…..Chuck Chronic filled in for Hamblin. Metal and Chronic had Mason and Malloy nearly finished but the Tagteam Champs managed to outsmart the two and cheat their way to victory.

For the third First Round Match, Exotic E came to the ring and announced that since Juggulator fired him at the last event , he found a new PROJECT. E was now the manager of Adrenaline X (Ron Mathis and Devon Maximus). They took on the team of The Black Irish Saints (Devlin Anderson and DDK). Exotic E promised not to get involved. In the end The Black Irish Saints had Adrenaline X reeling. Exotic E interfered, and BIS "lost it" The two wanted to tear Adrenaline X limb from limb which caused the referee to DQ the Black Irish Saints. Adrenaline X moved on but BIS made a statement that sat well with the Jackson crowd.

The final match of the first round saw RCW's first ever Tagteam Champions, Excalibur (Dirk Extreme & Randy Allen) take on TNT (Trik Nasty & Tank Runyon). Dirk had Simon with him as usual but due to the stipulations of FC8, Trik was now contractually obligated to be Dirk's ROADIE. Dirk brought Trik out first and humiliated him. Tank came out and asked Dirk to let Trik out of his contract for tonight for the fans. An agreement seemed to be made and Trik was allowed to team with Tank. Tank hasn't appeared to miss a beat for his nearly 2 years away from the ring. TNT was in control but Dirk changed his mind and made Trik Nasty superkick Tank as he and Randy held Runyon. Nasty reluctantly did so but then also superkicked Allen who landed on Runyon and got the win. Excalibur advanced as Trik was now Simon's keeper…...against his will.

In the Semi-Finals, The Gods were pitted against RCW Tag Champs Pretty In Pink. The match was more than PIP wanted. The two tried to escape once but the Gods brought them back. Then PIP RAN from the match and were counted out. GODS to the FINALS.

An unusual match between Excalibur and Adrenaline X was next. Each team trying to out cheat the other. Eye pokes galore! In the end Tank Runyon got some revenge on Dirk and Randy as Runyon distracted Allen and the referee allowing Adrenaline X to make a "readjustment" that cost Excalibur the match. Adrenaline X and Exotic E to the FINALS. Tank challenged Dirk to a match at PHYSICAL DISTORTION on March 12th. Challenge accepted.

A singles match was up next. Jackson's favorite son, Flash Fury took on the RCW debut of Jeff Mayhem. Mayhem looked really good in his first RCW outing and he and Flash shared similar styles. Fury's experience proved to be the key factor and Flash walked away with the victory.

THE FINAL ROUND of the tournament was here. The Gods took on Adrenaline X. Adrenaline X worked over Judas Thorn most of the bout. Thorn attempted to tag Juggulator but Juggulator turned on Thorn and cost his own team the match! Adrenaline X with Exotic E became the First Annual Invitational Tagteam Cup Winners. BUT IT DIDN'T END THERE. The match they chose was a NO DQ Match for the RCW World Heavyweight Title with Juggulator taking on Judas Thorn RIGHT NOW. Loony objected that they could pick a match for someone else but couldn't prove it. The 3 beat Thorn down until Juggulator became the NEW RCW World Heavyweight Champion. It was then we found out that Juggulator, Ron Mathis, Devon Maximus, and Exotic E were together as the NEW PROJEKT EGO. The Black Irish Saints and Tank came to Thorn's aid. Thorn said he was evoking his Rematch clause at Physical Distortion on March 12th.