RCW "Summer Meltdown" - September 10th, 2016 - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 09/12/2016

Thanks to everyone that came out and witnessed a stunning show on Saturday night in Jackson! Dirk Extreme announced a Guest Ring Announcer for the night....former RCW Referee turned wrestler, Nathaniel Rose.

Flash Fury defeated Vance Desmond in an exciting opening bout that could have went either way. Desmond seemed to give props to Fury afterwards only to then kick him in the groin. Desmond then left to a crowd filled with anger directed towards him.

The Juggulator pinned IOU's Christopher Otto. IOU members attempted to interfere but were stopped by Ron Mathis. Afterwards, Mathis and Juggulator (former enemies) shook hands.

Dangerous Damien Kass and Duke Beefhammer had a battle. Beefhammer nearly took out Kass as DDK seemed more interested in staring down RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme. Kass won the match and then proceeded to pummel Beefhammer until Extreme came to his aid. Naughtia distracted Dirk and DDK took his shot. The two went at it once again and exchanged words regarding their upcoming LOSER LEAVES RCW MATCH on October 8th.

Tank Runyon's Open Challenge was answered by Special Guest Ring Announcer, Nathaniel Rose. Rose jumped Runyon from behind and looked impressive but Tank came back and got the win.

Another Ring Announcer was brought out for the 2nd half of the show. Former RCW Referee, Steve Helphenstine who finally gave us a fantastic job at ring announcing as opposed to Rose.

Trik Nasty defeated the "The Black Superman" Onyx to become the #1 contender to Tommy Chill's RCW Heavyweight TItle. Nasty had help from Otto and Williams, but they were stopped after the match by Juggulator and Mathis. Dirk Extreme declared that everyone was banned from ringside during the Main Event later featuring Mathis and Williams.

The Hickey Boys showed up with a injured Grandma Hickey. She insinuated that the RCW Tagteam Champions, Chinlock Incorporated (Fields & Winchester) had attacked her earlier in the day. This fired the Hickey's up. Fields and WInchester swore that they were not the culprits but at the end of the match, Fields threatened to hit Grandma Hickey while Winchester capitalized. Chinlock Incorporated retain the RCW Tagteam Titles.

Many called this one of the best matches they had ever seen LIVE anywhere! Ron Mathis defended the RCW North American Championship against Aaron Williams one-on-one. The match went over 20 minutes but the crowd stayed on the edge of their seats as Mathis retained by making THE INJECTION 14 RUMBLE WINNER, Aaron Williams, TAP-OUT to a torture-rack.

RCW will be at THE COMPLEX in West Portsmouth on Saturday, October 8th!