SHEER IMPACT - February 3, 2007
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 2/4/2007


The Voice of RCW, Ranger Bob, was making his announcements in the ring when I.O.U. members Ace Gigolo and C.O. Hustler made their way to the ring. They discussed the injury sustained to their teammate Trik Nasty at FC4. They went on to bad mouth their opponents for the night in singles action. Jackson's own, Flash Fury, made his way to the ring for his match with Ace Gigolo.
Ace Gigolo defeated Flash Fury with help from C.O. Hustler....Flash's tagteam partner, Nikki Tyler, was at ringside when The Juggulator attacked him from behind. Referee, Tony Wolfe was distracted and did not see the interference. After the bout I.O.U. beat down Flash until Hustler's opponent for the night, Randy Allen, came in for the save.

The Loony Commissioner, Mike Horton, came to the ring to ring to confront Slammin' Sammy regarding his "mental condition". Slammin' Sammy turned out to be a fraud all along. The man behind the facade is really Cyrus Samson Poe. The Commissioner and the fans were totally disgusted by this 2 year long lie. Loony ordered the TV Title match to take place right away and Tommy Chill came to the ring with a vengeance. Cyrus Samson Poe defeated Tommy Chill by questionable means and retained the TV Title. This one is far from over.

The NEW Army of Darkness (Vile & Ricochet) made an impressive debut by totally annihilating El Nino & Hector Hector. Mastermind was not in attendance but his work on this team was evident. After the bout, Judas Thorn attacked Ricochet (getting retribution for Ricochet turning his back on The Coven) while Lord Arion threw powder into the eyes of Vile. Tank Runyon tried to make the save but was stopped by Judas and Arion. Tank was then on the receiving end of Judas's second rope body splash which injured the ribs of Tank.

The Juggulator defeated Nikki Tyler in a sick hard core match. This match saw the return of tables, ladders, and chairs for these two. In the end the Juggulator hit his patented finisher off the top but this time through a piece of the table and 2 chairs!!!. Tyler had to be helped to the back.

"American Idol" Dirk Extreme did an encore of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody that had the Jackson crowd interacting with song in great fashion. Extreme & Rocky Rich defeated the team of Tyson Rogers & Chuck Chronic. After the match Tyson & Chuck threatened Ranger Bob to announce them as the winners. He refused. Dirk & Rocky came to Bob's aid before anything got out of hand. Tyson challenged Dirk, Rocky, and Ranger Bob to a 6-man tagteam match in Portsmouth on March 10th against himself, Chuck, and a mystery partner. Challenge accepted.

I.O.U. member, "Your Reality" C.O. Hustler won via Count out against Randy "The King" Allen. The two battled on the outside and then to the apron when Allen punched Hustler so hard that it knocked him into the ring as the ref counted to 10 thus giving C.O. the victory.

The year long reign of Judas Thorn came to an end as Tank Runyon became the new RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Ace Gigolo tried to attack Tank Runyon for what he did to Trik Nasty at FC4 but instead clocked Judas Thorn. Arion also tried to interfere but ended up doing damage to his own man. Tank overcame the odds and became the RCW CHAMPION. After the match Judas attacked Lord Arion and left him lying. Nadja wasn't sure what to do, so she ended leaving in a different direction. It seems that The Coven has been totally dismantled, but only time will tell. Tank Runyon was joined in celebration by several RCW fan favorites for a magical moment.