RCW: SPRING LOADED 2016 - May 7th, 2016 - Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 06/05/2016

A NEW RCW HEAAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION was crowned! It's not who you think! Spring Loaded was full of actiona nd surprises. Here is a look a the results:

RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme started the night off with a BATTLE ROYAL. The winner of the Battle Royal would become the LAST ENTRANT in this year's Injection Rumble. The winner of this great advantage was Flash Fury!

Randy "The King" Allen defeated Papa Dingo with a roll-up but the King did not walk away unscathed. Dingo battered the King. Allen walked away with the win but looked like he had been hit by a truck!

RCW newcomer, Trace Matthews did not endear himself to RCW fans as he cheated to get the win over fan favorite Duke Beefhammer. Matthews used his feet on the ropes for leverage to help hold Beefhammer down to the mat.

Trik Nasty and Christopher Otto defeated Ron Mathis and Aaron Williams. Williams and Mathis did not want to team together. In the Battle Royal, all they wanted to do was fight one another. In the end, Williams threw Mathis from the top rope, costing him the match. Nasty called WIlliams back to the ring after the match and asked him to join himself and Otto. Williams shook hands with the two as they beat down Mathis. Trik Nasty announced that he has once again formed the group I.O.U. (It's Our Universe) and he and Otto had just found the third member in Williams.

Tommy Chill got the win over Devlin Anderson but not without a fight. Anderson dived onto the back of Chill and nearly got the win but Chill won with his devastating choke-slam.

James Avery and Daniel Winchester were escorted to the ring by BIG SYD. The Hickey's had a new manager that they wanted to debut on Mother's Day weekend. The crowd went wild for GRANDMA HICKEY! Syd attempted to interfere but Grandma Hickey stopped him in his tracks. The Hickey's came away victorious.

In the MAIN EVENT, DDK would battle Tank Runyon and "The Black Superman" Onyx in a Triple Threat for the RCW Heavyweight TItle. Naughtia interfered and was sent to the back. Somehow, DDK managed to retain the RCW Title as he got the pin on Runyon. The belt was awarded to DDK but out came Tommy Chill who informed Dirk that he wanted to cash in his Injection Rumble win from last year. Chill cashed it in and the rest is history. Tommy Chill is the NEW RCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

End of show.