RCW "SPRING AWAKENING" - March 21st, 2009 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/24/09

RCW's "Spring Awakening" definitely awakened the RCW locker-room and fans alike. A huge betrayal from RCW Commissioner, The Mastermind, an epic encounter, New Champions, and challenges made. The Revolution has brought Spring in with a bang. Here's what happened last Saturday night.


RangerBob started the night off by apologizing to the Portsmouth crowd. Tyson admonished him for doing so and then Kenny Young began the show.

The Mastermind came out before the first match began and gave Exotic E and company a pep talk regarding ending the career of Trik Nasty. Vance Desmond defeated Trik Nasty in the first bout to retain the RCW North American Championship. During the bout Exotic E and Tank Runyon interfered on Desmond's behalf until Dirk Extreme ran Tank Runyon to the back. Match was an excellent wrestling bout but technical wrestling didn't win out in the end. Exotic E distracted Referee John Reuben with one hammer while Vance used another on the back of Trik Nasty thus getting the win. After the bout they intended to finish the job until Flash Fury came to the rescue. Flash had the hammer and was about to use it on Vance and E when Mastermind returned to ringside and threatened Fury's career. Desmond and E escaped as Fury helped Nasty to the back.

Next up was Nikki Tyler taking on "Bad News" Keith Hamblin. Hamblin used his power to ground Tyler for most of the bout. It appeared that Tyler injured his neck at one point. With Hamblin in control and maybe with a false since of security, Tyler used survival instincts and rolled Hamblin up out of nowhere for the win in a good bout

Kenny Young brought out Hollie Wood to discuss what happened between Randy Allen and Chris Smith last month in Jackson. Randy Allen quickly interrupted and threw Hollie to the mat hard. Kenny Young stepped in and there seemed there may be an altercation between Young and Allen when Chris Smith hit the ring. Smith and Allen decided to begin their match right then. "Livewire" Chris Smith defeated Randy "The King" Allen via countout when Allen decided to walk out on the match. Was Allen frustrated or playing mind games with his former partner? Smith then challenged Randy Allen to a "Loser Wears a Dress Match" in Otway. Catch was that the loser has to wear a dress in RCW for the rest of their career. Allen accepted. Although now we have word that Chris Smith suffered a broken foot in the bout, we will have to wait and see where this goes.

The Mastermind announced the RCW World Tagteam Title Match as he manages both teams. IOU (Ace Gigolo & "The Black Superman" Onyx) became the new RCW World Tagteam Champions after The Mastermind double crossed The Gods (Judas Thorn & The Juggulator). Mind played middle ground for most of the bout. The crowd seemed to rally behind The Gods. Onyx and Ace worked over the neck of Judas Thorn. Referee Steve Hephenstein was knocked cold. Mastermind interfered at the end costing The Gods the titles and then the unthinkable happened. The Gods were put out. Juggulator had to be helped to the back by referees which left Judas Thorn and his injured neck in the hands of Ace and Onyx. They pummeled Thorn's neck with chair after chair before leaving. Mastermind stated that IOU was the future and that he had seen cracks in the armor of the Gods. It was time for him to follow the rightful champions. Thorn had to be helped to the back.

Next up was the #1 Contendership for the RCW North American Title Matchup. JD Santos and Flash Fury had a great aerial and technical match. At one point the bottom rope broke on the ring as JD went for his springboard moonsault. Both men showed tremendous heart and class as they each admired the others tenacity. In the end both men went for a double cross-body and collided in mid-air. Suddenly with both men down, Tyson Rogers arose from the announcing table and entered the ring giving Flash Fury a clothesline from hell and Santos a Samoan Drop. Tyson stated that he too was coming back from injury but all people cared about was JD Santos and Flash Fury. Tyson was there to make a statement and he did. Match was ruled a NO CONTEST.

The Main Event for the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE was last on card. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme was mid-song in "My Generation" when Tank Runyon clobbered him from behind. around 8 minutes into the match Tank Runyon was DQ'd by Referee John Reuben for using a low-blow. RCW Commissioner, The Mastermind announced from the stage that since Exotic E put Trik out tonight he would reward Tank by continuing the match under NO DQ rules. Match restarted and now Desmond and Exotic E were free to take shots at Extreme as well. The battle went all over the Elk's City Lodge. The battle re-entered the ring where Vance Desmond accidently popped Tank Runyon with the hammer allowing Dirk to hit the MIC CHECK on both men thus getting a pin on Runyon. After the match Tank Runyon challenged Dirk Extreme to a LumberJack Strap Match in Otway on 4/11. American Idol accepted.