RETURN TO OTWAY - April 7, 2007
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 4/8/2007


The night began with the American turncoat, Weapons of Mass Destruction leader, Ranger Bob coming to the ring. Instead of doing his announcing duties, Ranger Bob took this opportunity to promote his team and berate the fans. The Loony Commissioner came out and to everyone's joy, FIRED Ranger Bob as the RCW Ring Announcer. Loony said that the position hasn't been filled yet, but he did have a surprise ring announcer for the night. Hollie Wood came to the ring and thanked Loony. Hollie stated how great she was at the last show and how great she is period. Loony informed her that the ring announcer for tonight would not be her either. Loony introduced the special ring announcer as "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme. Extreme had a surprise for Ranger Bob. He had a baseball bat in hand. Extreme went to hit Ranger Bob with the bat but Ranger Bob collapsed in the corner in fear. After begging, Dirk and Loony noticed a smell. It seems that Ranger Bob had "an accident" in his pants. Ranger Bob headed to the back in humiliation.

"The Feature Attraction" Matt Taylor defeated "The Natural" Chad Cruise with help from Ms. McKenzie. This bout showed the impressive RCW debut of both men who have had success in the IWA.

Dirk Extreme introduced and interviewed The Kentucky Konquistadors, Earl & Wilbur Sanchez

Ricochet beat Earl Sanchez after a superkick. After the match The Mastermind wanted to give the Board of Directors a message. That the Army of Darkness, Ricochet & Vile, deserve a shot at the RCW World Tagteam Titles held by Nikki Tyler & Flash Fury. No word on the Board's thoughts on this match.

Tommy Chill was ready to accept the match of Cyrus Poe's choosing. A challenge it would prove to be as the match that Cyrus Poe had set was a 15-MAN OVER THE TOP ROPE BATTLE ROYAL! Not only that but Cyrus offered $1000 to anyone who could eliminate Tommy Chill. The only way to get another shot at Poe's TV Title was for Chill to win the match. Win it he did. The Battle Royal came down to Tommy Chill and Tyson Rogers when Chill finally ousted Rogers.

Exotic E came to the ring and tried to make an announcement but the fans would show him no respect. It turns out that Exotic E is now a member of the RCW Board of Directors. A group that is made up of 5 individuals who hold a lot of power behind the scenes in RCW. Another one of those five is the Commissioner, Mike Horton. One has to wonder how these two will get along at the Board meetings. Exotic also professed that he was a changed man and that in the next match he would make sure that his former protégé, Judas Thorn abided by the rules.

\ Trik Nasty defeated Judas Thorn after a grueling match to become the #1 Contender for the RCW World Title. These two went after each other in a hard hitting encounter that wowed the Otway crowd. In the end Judas Thorn hit an over-the-head belly to belly suplex off of the top rope. Thorn attempted to pin Nasty with his feet on the ropes. Exotic E pointed it out to the referee. Thorn went after E and clobbered him off of the apron. Trik Nasty was able to take advantage and the situation and get the pin. When the match was over, Thorn wasn't done. He attempted to re injure the head of Trik Nasty. Tank Runyon came to Trik's aid, followed a few minutes later by Ace Gigolo. Gigolo claimed he was also coming out to help Trik but was unable to get there quickly. Ace wanted to know whose corner Trik was going to be in for the RCW World Title Match. Ace wanted to know if Trik was still with I.O.U. or was he back with Tank again. Trik gave no answer and wished them both luck. Gigolo attacked Tank with his flex stick before leaving.

The Weapons of Mass Destruction (Ranger Bob, Tyson Rogers, Wes Cannon, and Chuck Chronic) interrupted Dirk Extreme. They challenged him to a match against anyone of them , knowing that Extreme's ribs were injured last month at their hands. That was the reason Extreme was announcing and not wrestling. Extreme didn't even have any wrestling gear on. Chuck Chronic stepped up to the plate and smacked Dirk across the face. The American Idol left the ring, took off his jacket, and jumped back in to face Chronic. After some interference, Loony sent Tyson and Wes to the back. In the end Dirk Extreme defeated Chuck Chronic after a rolling reversal out of a cross body off the ropes from Chronic.

After the above match, Wes Cannon & Tyson Rogers came to the ring and attacked Extreme. Rocky Rich and Randy "The King" Allen came to the ring and made the save. Allen & Rich made a challenge to Tyson & Wes which began a tagteam match. Tyson Rogers & Wes Cannon defeated Randy Allen and Rocky Rich after using a foreign object passed to them by Ranger Bob. The Weapons of Mass Destruction continued their assault along with Chronic now on Allen & Rich. Dirk Extreme attempted to make the save but was cut off. "The Livewire" Chris Smith made a surprising appearance and helped out his his friends as the WOMD exited the ring with the numbers evened up.

Tank Runyon and Ace Gigolo one-on-one for the RCW WORLD TITLE. This match went everywhere in the building. Through the crowd, into the bleachers, you name it. It appeared that Ace Gigolo had won the RCW Title after using his flex stick to knock Tank out. The Loony Ref came out to the ring and ordered the match restarted. Gigolo attempted to use the stick again but was stopped by Trik Nasty. Tank Runyon garnered control and got the win, retaining the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. Ace Gigolo issued a challenge for May 5th in Portsmouth. Tank & Trik reunite T-n-T to take on I.O.U., Gigolo and C.O. Hustler. Challenge accepted.