RCW "ROAD TO INJECTION '11" - May 7th, 2011 - YMCA - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 05/10/2011

Last Saturday the RCW Fans were chanting "RCW...RCW...RCW!" throughout the entire night.....and for good reason. Road to Injection was an exciting card that showcased some of the best talent in Independent Wrestling. Not only do we have NEW RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS but for the first time in RCW History, THE FANS voted and declared the #1 and #20 entrants into this year's Injection 9 Rumble! Here's what went down:

RangerBob handled rig announcing duties on this night. "LOONY" Mike Horton told the crowd the exciting news that they (the Fans) would be determining the #1 and #20 entrants tonight!

We started off with "American Idol" Dirk Extreme taking on the Return of Chad Cruise. Extreme was upset as his ROADIE, Trik Nasty apparently skipped out on him and took Simon as well. Extreme didn't feel he should wrestle under the circumstances. Chad Cruise had different plans and took the fight to Extreme. A great back and forth battle that Dirk squeaked by courtesy of using his feet on the ropes.

Projekt Ego (Exotic E, Juggulator, Ron Mathis, Devon Maximus) invited Vance Desmond down and offered him one more chance at joining EGO and to forget about trying to get a Title Match with The Juggulator. Desmond declined and EGO began beating down Desmond. JD Santos stormed the ring and made the save. Santos let everyone know that Judas Thorn was still injured due to EGO but he was taking his spot tonight. JD wished Desmond luck in his match.

Vance Desmond made his in-ring return after a year off against PROJEKT EGO member Devon Maximus. Maximus proved to be a formidable foe but Desmond hasn't missed a beat in the ring since being off. Desmond picked up the win after a Canadian Destroyer and sent a message to The Juggulator.

The masked sensation Eclipso took on Chuck Chronic. Chronic was a last minute replacement for Nikita Allanov who we understand suffered a rotator cuff injury. We wish Allanov well. Chronic wanted to win the fight at all costs and even threw the rulebook out. Eclipso stuck to his morals and defeated Chuck Chronic.

An interesting match was up next....."WRESTLEOHIO's" Maxx Power took on "Bad News" Keith Hamblin. These 2 powerhouses met in the ring and shook it's very foundation. Unbelievable strength and power were displayed by each. In the end, Mastermind and Sara helped Maxx Power get the win. Here's hoping we get to see these two battle again in the near future.

"Relentless" Ron Mathis and Heavy Metal faced each other in a match for their respective teams. If either won it would guarantee their team (Adrenaline X / Metal Mayhem)a RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLE shot in the near future. Referee Steve Helphenstein was knocked unconscious. Devon Maximus and Exotic E got involved which prompted Keith Hamblin to also get in the action. After the dust cleared, Ron Mathis walked away with the win for Adrenaline X albeit by questionable means.

The Black Irish Saints (DDK & Devlin Anderson) won the RCW WORLD TAGTEAM TITLES from Pretty in Pink (Corey Mason & Jimmy Malloy). PIP tried to leave the match early but were brought back to the ring by BIS. PIP proved to not be pushovers though and actually brought a vicious side to PIP that we hadn't seen before. It was not to be though for PIP as The Black Irish Saints fought hard to win the RCW TAGTEAM TITLES.

The Juggulator retained the RCW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE against JD Santos in a fantastic bout. JD risked his own body several times, as he put it all on the line in an attempt to win the title. PROJEKT EGO all got involved but were chased off by Vance Desmond. Exotic E attempted to get involved but JD was able to fight through. It appeared as if JD Santos was going to win the title as he sunset flipped into the ring over the Juggulator. Juggulator however, held on to the ropes and pinned JD Santos to retain. Vance Desmond returned to challenge Juggulator again who still declined.