ROAD TO INJECTION '07 - May 5th, 2007
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 5/6/2007


Dude Rock, came out to continue his ring announcing duties....or so he thought. The Loony Commissioner had replaced Dude to the delight of RCW fans. Unbeknownst to Dude Rock that replacement was his wife, Sharon. Sharon was officially named the new RCW Ring Announcer. Board of Directors member, Exotic E brought out the participants for the first match because he had something to say to both of them. Exotic E fined both of them for actions of the past and then banned Ricochet's manager, The Mastermind from the ring.

Judas Thorn and Ricochet had a hard hitting war right off of the bat. Thorn picked up the win and made a statement about how everyone in RCW these days has someone. Thorn said that maybe it's time that he turned his army of 1 into an army of 2. The crowd was left wondering who Judas had in mind as the beast stormed off. Nikki Tyler and Flash Fury, The RCW WORLD TAGTEAM CHAMPIONS, retained their titles in an OPEN CHALLENGE MATCH. Who answered the Open Challenge first? The Kentucky Konquistadors, Wilbur and Earl Sanchez. The KK proved that they have improved since Otway but the night still belonged to the champions.

Next up The Weapons of Mass Destruction made their way to the ring. Ranger Bob berated the fans. The Loony Commissioner came out to let Wes Cannon know that his match against Dirk Extreme would have a Special Guest Referee...."The Livewire" Chris Smith! "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme then came to the ring and had the crowd rockin' with Alice Cooper's "Be My Lover". Extreme got the win over Wes Cannon with a guillotine legdrop.

A special contract signing for the Injection 5 RCW World Title Match between Tank Runyon and Trik Nasty was held. The two agreed to get along tonight and move forward, but at Injection 5 it would be a fair fight for the RCW World Title. The contract signing was amicable. After Trik Nasty left the ring Tank was attacked by their opponents for the night Ace Gigolo & C.O. Hustler. Trik Nasty made the save.

The Juggulator beat "The Omega" Aaron Draven in an exciting bout. Referee, Carl Lockhart, Jr., was knocked out during the bout which allowed Juggulator to bring a chair into the ring. After delivering a backbreaker onto the chair he was able to get the pin on Draven. After the match, Juggulator tried to permanently injure Draven, but Flash Fury and Nikki Tyler came to his aid. With Juggulator backed up in the corner they didn't see the truck that would hit them from behind. Judas Thorn attacked Flash & Nikki from behind as he and Juggulator decimated the champions as they mocked them with their titles. Judas Thorn had found his partner in crime in the Juggulator.

The Mastermind confronted The Loony Commissioner about Exotic E. Mastermind stated that if something wasn't done that he would quit RCW. The Commissioner tried to explain that he has no control over the Board of Directors. He is in fact one of 5 members. Mastermind left the ring in disgust. Loony announced the SUPERSTARS coming to RCW this summer. In Jackson, OH on 6/30. former WWE Intercontinental Champion, The Honkytonk Man will be in action! Then at OUTLOUDFEST in July....former United States Champion, Nikita Koloff makes a rare appearance!

Loony gave Dude Rock a shot at another job. He said that if Dude did a good job at refereeing the next bout then he would move Dude up to a higher position in RCW and stop riding him so hard. He would be refereeing the LOSER LEAVES TOWN MATCH between TV Champion, Cyrus Poe and Tommy Chill. This was a brutal match as expected with all that was on the line. Both men were busted open. Tommy Chill had the match won but was screwed over by Dude Rock. Cyrus capitalized and won the bout and sent Tommy Chill a 1-way ticket out of RCW. Loony came out and tried to restart the match but Dude referred him to the rulebook which stated that "A higher official can ask the referee to restart a match or reverse a decision but it is up to the referee's judgment". Loony apologized to Tommy and proceeded to fire Dude Rock. Cyrus Poe then asked Dude if he would be interested in working as his manager. Dude Rock accepted and was hired as Cyrus Poe's new manager. Everyone in RCW wishes Tommy Chill the best in his future wherever that may be.

Randy "The King" Allen overcame interference from Chuck Chronic, Ranger Bob, and Wes Cannon to defeat Tyson Rogers after an elbow drop from the top rope.

The TNT reunion didn't end so sweet for Tank Runyon & Trik Nasty. Ace Gigolo & C.O. Hustler picked up the win after the match broke down with everyone in the ring. Trik accidentally speared Tank Runyon and I.O.U. saw an opportunity and made the most of it. After the match questions arose around if the spear was intentional or not. Trik Nasty is going after Tank's Title at Injection 5. Trik Nasty was with I.O.U. Has he changed? We'll know for sure on June 30th when Trik Nasty goes after the RCW WORLD TITLE held by Tank Runyon.