RCW "Revolution of The Living Dead" - October 13th, 2012 - Pipe Fitters - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 11/5/2012

REVOLUTION OF THE LIVING DEAD definitely left many feeling the Halloween Chill. Here's a look at what happened:

Ron Mathis and Eclipso started the night off with a great match that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Eclipso is emerging as a force in RCW while Ron Mathis is proving to be a great single's wrestler everywhere since leaving Adrenaline X. Mathis was the victor in this match after a hook of the tights.

Corey Mason thought he was fighting his former partner "Pretty Boy" Jimmy Malloy but instead got a new incarnation in "Party Boy" Jimmy Malloy. Malloy has definitely embraced the RCW fans as they supported him from the beginning of this bout. Mason though tried getting on Malloy's good side and tried talking him out of the match only to sucker punch him. In the end, Malloy got the win but not before Mason issued another challenge for a rematch on November 17th.

Mastermind and Sara told everyone that they were scouting talent and looking for the next member of WrestleOhio. "American Idol" Dirk Extreme came out to a surprise ovation. Extreme told Mind and Company to look no further than him. Mind reminded Dirk that he use to be good but lately he was embarrassing. Extreme vowed to "wow" WrestleOhio later tonight. Tommy Chill's music hit and Chill also told Mind to watch his "OPEN CHALLENGE" match. Newcomer, Chris Kahoz accepted the challenge. Kahoz put up a valiant effort but was stopped dead in his tracks by Tommy Chill.

Juggulator and Jason Legend did battle and had the crowd split for the fan favorites. Ron Mathis who has had a problem with Juggulator since Projekt Ego split ways came out to "watch" the match. Mathis ended up hitting Legend causing a DQ thus giving the victory to Legend. Juggulator and Ron Mathis have a long way to go before their score is settled. One has to remember that Jason Legend was also robbed of a clean North American Title shot. Word has it that Juggulator and Legend will be teaming up to take on Mathis and Dirk Extreme at the next event.

Dirk Extreme wanted to desperately prove that his recent string of losses was a fluke. He took on Flash Fury. Extreme and Fury fought back and forth and Extreme was able to ground the high-flyer for most of the time but Fury came back hard. Extreme grabbed his leg that just healed and dropped to the mat writhing in pain. Everyone thought he had re injured the leg that he broke earlier this year. Fury back off as the referee checked. Extreme popped up and hit Fury with a Mic-Check. Extreme paraded around the ring gloating. He went to pin Fury but was small-packaged and Fury got the win. After the match Mastermind told Dirk he was a loser and should retire.

Newly crowned RCW Tagteam Champions, WrestleOhio (Tyson Rogers & Keith Hamblin) defeated The Black Irish Saints (DDK & Devlin Anderson) much to the dismay of the Portsmouth crowd. WrestleOhio and BIS battled back and forth trying to put a team member in the casket to win the match. Lord Arion once again appeared and threw powder at DDK. DDK ducked the powder which hit the eyes of Devlin Anderson. Anderson was blinded. DDK chased Arion out of the gymnasium, but during that time WrestleOhio took advantage and took out Anderson stuffing him in the Casket and shutting the lid thus retaining the RCW Tagteam Titles.

Why is Lord Arion after The Black Irish Saints?

James Avery and RCW Heavyweight Champion, Chad Cruise had another great bout. WrestleOhio interfered which suggests that Avery is now part of the group or struck a deal with Mastermind and Company as we have yet to get the final word. After a hard fought match WrestleOhio interfered causing James Avery to win. Avery was announced as the New RCW Heavyweight Champion. Referee, John Reuben came out and told Referee Steve Helphenstine what had happened. The match was restarted. BIS, Flash Fury, and Eclipso kept WrestleOhio at bay as Chad Cruise rolled up Avery for the 3-count retaining the RCW Title.