RCW "SPRING LOADED" May 4th, 2013 - YMCA - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 05/07/2013

When Revolutionary Championship Wrestling returned to Jackson, Ohio for SPRING LOADED it was more like an explosion of action and excitement in the ring that only RCW is known for! Those who were in attendance are still chattering about this dynamite packed show and the return of The One-Legged Wonder, ZACH GOWEN!

The show opened with the recently crowned tag-team champions, The Cosmic Connection (Eclipso and Flash Fury) defending their belts against a very determined and tough as nails Black and Blue Crew. It was a hard fought match that looked like the B&B Crew would be defeated almost as quickly as the Cosmic ones defeated WrestleOhio for the championship back at Physical Distortion '13 but that was not the case. The B&B Crew battled back but in the end it was The Cosmic Connection who fought back for the victory! The Winners and still Tag-Team Champions: The COSMIC CONNECTION! And as a side note: The name Cosmic Connection was selected by you the fans in a special fan balloting on RCW's Facebook page. Keep an eye for more ways that you can be involved with RCW at www.facebook.com/RCWonline

The next match brought out Tyson Rogers, The Mastermind, and Sara Stricklett aka WrestleOhio who was loudly protesting that it was WrestleOhio that should have received a rematch for the tag team championship. WO accused RCW acting President Trik Nasty of trying to protect The Cosmic Connection by denying the rematch that WO was entitled to. This brought out Mr. Nasty who informed WO that after the disappointing match WO had at Physical Distortion '13 (when The Cosmic Connection defeated WO in under 5 minutes in a shocker of an upset) that WO had to prove that they were worthy to have a rematch with The Cosmic Connection and he would give them their chance tonight! If 2 members of WO were successful in singles competition then later WO would have a rematch with The Cosmic Connection. The first match saw Tyson Rogers take on a newcomer to RCW, B.D. Fields. The crowd was solidly behind Fields but the sheer strength and power of Tyson Rogers proved far too much. The Winner TYSON ROGERS

Next was one of the most anticipated matches as former Pretty in Pink partners, Captivating Cory Mason and The Partyboy Jimmy Malloy squared off to settle a grudge in a "Loser Wears A Dress" match. Fans, this match was worth the price of admission as The Party Boy Jimmy Malloy slapped a sleeper hold on Cory Mason and sent him off to LALA land and then the fun began… An unconscious Mason was dressed up in a lovely spaghetti strap evening gown fit for the belle of any ball. Once revived an irate Cory Mason was thoroughly humiliated even further with a song by The American Idol Dirk Extreme as the crowd joined in to help by singing "Dude Looks Like a Lady". A defeated and embarrassed Cory Mason stormed out as the crowd jeered but that wasn't the last of Cory Mason as later he would join RangerBob at the commentary table STILL IN THE DRESS! Things that make you go Hmmmm….. The Winner The Partyboy Jimmy Malloy

The next match was the subject of much controversy as the team of Devlin Anderson and RCW Heavyweight Champion Judas Thorn led by their manager Loony (aka The Asylum) took on 2 inspirational individuals who are familiar with overcoming adverse circumstances and both considered by many to be heros; Dangerous Damien Kass (DDK) and the one legged wonder himself Zach Gowen! First out was The Asylum as Loony in a very disrespectful and irreverent manner told many tasteless jokes poking fun of Gowen having only one leg. These are too disgraceful to put into print! This once again brought out an irate RCW acting President Trik Nasty who took personal exception to The Loony one's embarrassing words and as punishment declared that if the team of DDK and Zach Gowen defeated the Asylum then later Judas Thorn would have to defend his RCW Heavyweight Champion title against DDK in singles competition! Despite repeated interference by Loony on behalf of The Asylum it was Zach Gowen hitting The Asylum with a spectacular Moonsault off of the top rope to pick up the win and secure a title match for DDK in the main event. The Winners: Dangerous Damien Kass and Zach Gowen

The second half of this already stellar event kicked off once again with WrestleOhio vying for win #2 and obtaining the coveted Tag-Team Championship match. This time would be against The American Idol Dirk Extreme! With Keith Hamblin out with an injury WO dropped a blockbuster of a surprise announcement… Representing WrestleOhio would be none other than the man Dirk battled at Remix Pro when he broke his leg. That man was The Black Superman ONYX! This was one of 2 big surprises in this match alone. Onyx and Idol battled fiercely but in typical fashion WrestleOhio attempted to take the low road with outside interference. But surprisingly, Extreme weathered the storm and got a unexpected pin on Onyx. Afterwards, WO were not happy with the outcome and Tyson Rogers along with Onyx beat Extreme down. RCW superstar, HEAVY METAL burst onto the scene with a baseball bat to save Extreme from the onslaught. The Winner: The American Idol Dirk Extreme

In the semi-main event the fans in Jackson was treated to a 3 Man Elimination match for the RCW North American Championship pitting the champion James Avery verses Relentless Ron Mathis verses Jason Legend. The crowd was loudly behind the young Jason Legend with chants of USA, USA in support for Legend's patriotism. First it was Legend pinning Mathis to eliminate The Relentless One via pinfall. With the match now being Jason Legend and James Avery, Ron Mathis interfered causing the rugged Legend to lose in what many would call a case of sour grapes. The Winner and still RCW North American Champion: James Avery

The main event was a result of RCW Acting Owner, Trik Nasty's earlier decision to award DDK a championship match with DDK and Zach Gowen's victory over The Asylum. This match saw RCW Senior Official John Reubin with his hands full trying to keep the action in the ring and between DDK and the Champion Judas Thorn. These 2 behemoths had an all out brawl that was spilling all over the floor. In a stunning mishap John Reubin was knocked unconscious and out of the ring, then the mayhem began with everyone except the referee involved in the melee! With Zach Gowen on the mat both Judas Thorn and Devlin Anderson restraining DDK, Loony brandished a lighter with the intents of burning DDK with a fireball. But just as Loony was about to light the fire Zach Gowen saved the day with a shot to Loony's *ahem* family jewels causing Loony to drop the lighter and not completing his evil intent to burn DDK with one of his fireballs. This brought RCW acting President Trik Nasty out one final time to declare the match to be a "No-Contest" but not before telling the audience to be closely watching the RCW at website at www.RCWonline.com and the RCW official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/RCWonline for a decision on how President Nasty will settle this issue. Thank you to all of the fans in the house and be looking for details on RCW's return to Jackson, Ohio next month. Fans, RCW would like to extend a very big THANK YOU to all of the fans who came out to support RCW SPRING LOADED! Remember to follow us on our website at:
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Remember; be watching for more news concerning RCW back in Jackson, Ohio June 29th!