RCW "FULL CIRCLE XII - 12th Anniversary Event"- Jan. 9th, 2015 - Elk's - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 02/05/2015

RCW alumni Kenny Young was on hand to introduce the show. Mastermind and Sara were on Ring Announcing while Jeremiah Young provided Commentary. EYH's Matthew started things off with the National Anthem.

Loony offered Onyx $5000 to lay down to Tyson. Promised an immediate match right after. Loony needed the win in order to stay in power. Onyx took the check to the back to think it over as Dirk and the fans expressed concern.

Flash Fury defeated Eclipso in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Devlin Anderson defeated Randy "The King" Allen with a little help from Nathaniel Rose of The Asylum. Randy had a surprise in his corner in former RCW Heavyweight Champion, Max Power! Power and Allen took frustration out on Rose after the match.

DDK beat Otto Von Boogiemeister

Ron Mathis defeated Dirk Extreme in what turned into a NO DQ Match. Mathis seemed to show respect for Extreme at the end of the match but was quickly sent to the back by Loony.

Jason Legend regained the RCW North American Championship from Corey Mason. Mason took a hard kick to the head that literally seemed to leave him in another world.

James Avery defeated Duke Beefhammer with some help from The Southern Ohio Wrestling Academy. Avery's students put a beatdown on Beefhammer after the match.

In the first RCW "Fans Bring Weapons Match", Party Down Productions retained the RCW Tagteam Titles against The Black and Blue Crew. Fans brought frying pans, golf clubs, baseball bats, bowling balls, and even a PINATA. Not just any pinata, but one filled with TACKS! The pinata proved to be the difference maker as PDP got the win.

"The Black Superman" Onyx stayed with his integrity and ripped up the check that was offered by Loony. Onyx went on to defeat the longest reigning champion in RCW HISTORY, Tyson Rogers. Onyx became the NEW RCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. Power of the company was given to DIrk Extreme who FIRED Loony from his positiion. Kenny Young, Onyx, Randy Allen, Flash Fury, Bruce Grey, Dirk Extreme and others made sure Loony got the hint.

Thanks to all that came out and made this a GREAT NIGHT!