RCW: Physical Distortion 2017 - March 4th, 2017 - Jackson, Ohio
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/06/2017

Great show last night at the YMCA in Jackson! Near capacity turnout! Here are the results from Physical Distortion 2017:

Dirk Extreme got the win over Christopher Otto after Trik Nasty's interference backfired on his IOU cohort. Tommy Chill came out after the match and told Trik Nasty that he would be taking the RCW Heavyweight Title back tonight.

The Battle of Brothers was next and it was a hard hitting affair! Fans rallied behind James "The Baker" Hickey but Patrick "The Bruiser Hickey tricked his brother at the end just before hitting him with a earth shattering side slam on the floor. Patrick Hickey got the win.

The RCW Tagteam Titles were on the line next as Tank Runyon and Flash Fury (Subbing for Onyx) defended against Scioto Vice (Beefhammer and Rose). The match was interrupted by former champions Chinlock Inc. (Fields and Winchester). They demanded to be included in the bout and the challenge was accepted. We now had a 3-way tag. Tank and Flash was able to retain the RCW Tagteam Titles after an exciting bout.

The Battle Royal started with Devlin Anderson attacking Juggulator on his way to the ring. The two never got inside the Battle Royal. The end came down to Chinlock Incorporated (Fields and Winchester) and Sid The Gladiator. Fields and Winchester thought that SId was with them but that assumption changed real fast as Sid let it be known he came to win. And Sid elminated both Brandon Fields and Daniel Winchester to become the winner of the Battle Royal.

The Juggulator got some revenge on Devlin Anderson as he attacked Devlin this time on Devlin's way to the ring. The two had to be separated before the match could begin. It was Devlin though that would have the last laugh as he got the controversial win over Juggulator.

Trik Nasty retained the RCW Heavyweight Championship against former champion, Tommy Chill. Chill first made sure that Otto was not going to be a factor by running him off early. Chill's hand was still a big issue in this bout. Nasty once again, using his BAG OF TRIKS to get the win. Afterwards, Nasty and Otto tried using a ladder to smash the hand of Chill when Tank Runyon, DIrk Extreme and Flash Fury came to his aid. RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme announced that Trik Nasty's next opponent would be the return of JUDAS THORN!