RCW "PHYSICAL DISTORTION 2016" - April 2nd, 2016 - THE COMPLEX - West Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 04/03/2016

Dirk Extreme opened the show and informed everyone that Jason Legend's condition has prevented him from being cleared to wrestle although he was in attendance doing commentary. Also, Ron Mathis had come down with a virus and would be unable to attend. He introduced Loony who got the show started.

James Avery and Daniel Winchester came to ringside to watch how the Hickey Boys would perform without the backing of First Class. Duke Beefhammer (standing in for Bruce Grey) and Jimmy Malloy successfully defended the RCW Tagteam Titles against The HIckey Boys after Avery and Winchester interfered costing The Hickeys possibly the match. It should be noted that Beefhammer and Malloy were unaware of this. After the match, RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme made a match for later in the night that would feature The Hickey Boys taking on Avery and Winchester. Afterwards, The Hickeys along with Beefhammer and Malloy "partied" in the ring with nearly every child in attendance. It was a sight to be seen!

Randy "The King" Allen went to battle with Otto. Allen looked to be in his best form. The match went back and forth until Otto's newest ally, Trik Nasty, interfered and super-kicked Allen. Otto got the cover and the win. Onyx came out to rescue "The King" from further punishment.

Cyrus Poe and Tommy Chill had an interesting match. Most were expecting a brawl between the two big men but both stuck to a basic wrestling match that had the crowd on the edge of their seats. Poe infuriated the crowd early on. Chill ended up winning with a chokeslam. Afterwards, a dazed Poe wanted a rematch. Chill came back out and choke-slammed him again for the another win.

James Avery and Daniel Winchester felt the power of James "The Baker" and Patrick "The Bruiser" Hickey but the two First Class members were able to outwit the former tagteam champions and pick up the win under controversial means. Dirk Extreme stated there would be a rematch at the Piketon Dogwood Festival on April 22nd.

DDK would retain the RCW Heavyweight Title against the RETURN of Tank Runyon. These two battled inside and outside the ring. Tank looked good in his first match back. Naughtia was once again a factor as she was instrumental in Tank's demise. Afterwards, Dirk demanded that Tank get a rematch in Piketon. Dirk and DDK had words which lead to Dirk jumping off the stage and coming to blows with DDK.

The Main Event featured rivals "The Black Superman" Onyx and Trik Nasty going to war with one another. Nasty sacrificed his body to try and take down Onyx. When that wasn't enough he called on Otto. Otto was stopped by Randy Allen. Trik was about to use a chair when Onyx hit him with a spear to get the win. Another match was made for the Dogwood Festival. Trik Nasty and Otto vs Onyx and Randy Allen.

Thanks to everyone that came out and made a first show at THE COMPLEX a HUGE Success. We are working on a return date to announce later this week!