RCW "Physical Distortion 2015" March 28th, 2015 - Elk's City Lodge - Portsmouth, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 04/01/2015

RCW Physical Distortion Results: Last night Portsmouth fans were packed into the Elk's City Lodge to witness Physical Distortion 2015.

The night began with Dangerous Damien Kass taking on Flash Fury. Last time around these two met DDK got the upperhand due to Naughtia's interference. Naughtia didn't get as involved as expected which seemed to mind games with Flash Fury. In the end DDK suddenly stopped the fast and furious actions of Flash Fury and put him down for the 3 count.

RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme attempted to interview RCW Heavyweight Champion, Onyx when Tommy Chill and Cyrus Poe attacked "The Black Superman" injuring his ribs. Jock Samson made the save which lead right into the next bout.

Jock Samson defeated Cyrus Poe. Tommy Chill attempted to interfere but Onyx fought Chill to the back. Poe attempted to use Jock's cowbell but it backfired and Jock walked out with the win.

In a 3-way match, Otto Von Boogiemeister, Nathaniel Rose, and Eclipso went to battle. The fans clearly dislike Nathaniel Rose. They have not forgotten his transgressions as a referee. In the end, things got more heated between Otto and Eclipso. Otto Von Boogiemeister got the win by pinning Eclipso which may be the start of a new feud in RCW.

Jason Legend got his rematch for the RCW North American Title against Champion, Devlin Anderson. The Asylum were banned from ringside. Legend hit Anderson with a German Suplex bridged for the pin. According to referee, John Reuben, Legend's shoulders were down and Anderson was able to get his up thus retaining the RCW North American Title.

The Asylum hit the ring to congratulate Anderson when Ron Mathis cleared the ring with a chair and talked about his handicap match later in the night.

James Avery put Brandon Fields and newcomer Crosshairs Kelly as his teammates in FIRST CLASS to take on Duke Beefhammer and RCW Tagteam Champions, Party Down Productions. His decision paid off as First Class came out on top as Avery used his other students on the outside as a distraction. Avery hit the running knee on Beefhammer and got the win. Afterwards RCW Owner, Dirk Extreme made 2 matches for the next event in Piketon, OH at the Dogwood Festival. PDP would defend the RCW Tagteam Titles against any 2 members of First Class AND James Avery will battle Duke Beefhammer in a STREET FIGHT!

Next up was the Handicap Match that pitted Ron Mathis against his former stable-mates of The Asylum, Juggulator and Tyson Rogers. Mathis faired well early on as he capitalized on surprise and quickness. It was as matter of time before the 2 RCW Legends grinded Mathis down. They had Mathis beat but continued to punish him until a masked individual hit the ring took The Asylum out causing a DQ for Mathis. That person turned out to be Trik Nasty who announced his RETURN to ring and that he would vow to take out the likes of people like The Asylum. Trik's first match back is scheduled to be April 24th at the Piketon Dogwood Festival.

In the Main Event, Onyx was put to the test with someone equal to him in size and strength in Tommy Chill. Onyx passed the test and walked out RCW Heavyweight Champion. Poe hit the ring again as did Jock Samson. It was announced that also in Piketon that Tommy Chill and Cyrus Poe (The Black and Blue Crew) would face Onyx and Jock Samson in a special Tagteam Challenge!