RCW "PHYSICAL DISTORTION 2014" March 8th, 2014 - YMCA - Jackson, OH
Posted by: RCW Webmaster on 03/10/2014


RangerBob introduced Special Guest Ring Announcer - RCW Official, Steve Helphenstine. The Asylum came out to ringside. Loony announced that he was "THE NEW MAN IN CHARGE" at RCW. That the Mastermind hand delivered the papers that he stole from Dirk Extreme. Loony talked about how things will change and how RCW needs a Women's Division. Loony brought out the newest member of The Asylum……HARDCORE HEATHER OWENS. He said he could not find a women in any part of Ohio or the surrounding states that wanted to face Heather Owens. He knows of a young rookie in the back that desperately wants to be on the card. Bring out DUKE BEEFHAMMER.

Beefhammer came out riding a bicycle to the ring. The crowd has really taken to the rookie. Beefhammer understandably did not want to face a woman, but he didn't have much chance as Heather Owens showed why she is HARDCORE. She took the fight to Duke while other Asylum members on the outside also got their shots in. Heather Owens defeated Duke Beefhammer. Duke attempted to get on his bike and leave but was attacked again by Owens and Devlin Anderson. DDK and Dirk Extreme made the save and got Duke back on his bike.

The RCW NORTH AMERICAN TITLE MATCH was next as Jason Legend successfully defended the title against "Captivating" Corey Mason in a great back and forth bout. Mason has come a long way in this last year of RCW but so has Legend. Ever since Legend acquired the managerial skills of RangerBob, things have been looking up.

THE ASYLUM (Matt Conard & Ron Mathis) with Loony defeated THE COSMIC CONNECTION (Flash Fury & Eclipso) Flash Fury came out at the beginning of the match alone and told the crowd that Eclipso was severely beaten up in the back by The Asylum. Fury found a replacement partner in former RCW Superstar, Otto Von Boogiemeister! Mathis and Conard showed great team work. Otto was taken out of the match at one point and Eclipso staggered out to the ring to join his partner. It was obvious that Eclipso should not have been in the ring as he looked to be in tremendous pain. The Asylum capitalized on that and got the win

The Asylum's Devlin Anderson came to the ring with Loony to face "The American Idol" Dirk Extreme but he had a Doctor's Excuse that he gave Loony that said he could not wrestle. Loony announced that they had a hired a Luchador by the name of "The Latino Assassin" Crazy C to take his place. The Luchador pummeled Extreme's ribs throughout but Extreme managed to outsmart him with a quick roll-up in the corner and get the win. What happened after was disgusting! Anderson, Crazy C, and Loony beatdown Extreme and cut his ponytail off. They began to cut more but DDK came to Extreme's aid.

Up next was the new team of "PARTY BOY" JIMMY MALLOY & "BOMBASTIC" BRUCE GREY taking on RCW Tagteam Champions, THE BLACK & BLUE CREW (TOMMY CHILL & CYRUS POE) Poe and Chill dominated much of the match but they may have underestimated their opponents as the new duo gained momentum. Grey & Malloy beat the Champions via Countout which prompted a REMATCH next month on Friday April 25th.

Dirk Extreme stormed to the ring and said since the Asylum want to double team, how about a tagteam match. He tells the fans that he just got off the phone with someone that is coming BACK to Jackson on Friday April 25th. Dirk will have as his partner….The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time, The Honky Tonk Man!

It was time for the MAIN EVENT as RCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, Tyson Rogers defended against DDK. WrestleOhio's Mastermind and Sara were in Roger's corner. The match turned into a brawl with Referee John Reuben getting knocked out. DDK had Roger's pinned and LOONY came in with a ref shirt on and started to make the pin but refused to count to 3. DDK grabbed Loony but turned around and ate a vicious Lariat from Rogers which ended the match as Loony counted to 3. The Asylum filled the ring and set to end DDK's career. Dirk Extreme, Flash, and Beefhammer came to DDK's aid but were also thrown from the ring. Finally former RCW Heavyweight Champion, CHAD CRUISE ran in from the crowd and made the save. He let Loony and The Asylum know that HE WAS BACK TO STAY